Member Spotlight: Jim Sparling

Oct 1, 2020

Reading time: 2 Minutes

Meet Jim Sparling! A husband, dad, business owner, and grateful Medi-Share member. Jim was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and walks through the struggles he's faced and how he has been impacted by the wonderful Medi-Share community through it all. His testimonial is a beautiful picture of how our God works through our brothers and sisters in Christ to bring support, love, and encouragement during our time of need. We know you will be touched by Jim's story just as we were! 

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Q:  Tell us a little about yourself/family and your business/what you do.

Cindy and I have lived in Boise, Idaho since 1989. We have raised four kids here and now have a total of five grandkids with another one on the way. They have all chosen to stay in this area, and we love it here. We have a business called Nerve Renew which manufactures a supplement that helps people with neuropathy. My son is my partner, and we distribute to people all over the world.  
Q:  What are your hobbies or passions?
Boise sits between the mountains and desert. Going north offers river running, skiing, and snowmobiling as well as numerous lakes, fishing, and hunting opportunities. Going south places you in a beautiful desert with numerous recreational opportunities such as motorcycling and 4 X 4. 
Q:  How long have you been a Medi-Share member?
Since 2016.
Q:  Briefly share your member story.
In 2018 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a form of blood/bone cancer. I was admitted to the hospital with six fractures to my spine and severe pain levels. They immediately started radiation and chemo therapy and put me on heavy medication. I was laid up for approximately four months and underwent kyphoplasty in December to relieve the pressure from the fractures on my spinal cord. After that, my oncologist wanted me to undergo a stem cell transplant. The cost for such a procedure was $200,000.  
Q:  What has being a part of this community of believers been like for you?
I have particularly enjoyed talking with all the representatives of Medi-Share, and I especially like being prayed for after each contact. My faith has grown, and I know that prayer works. Thank you so much!


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