Member Expresses Gratitude for Medi-Share's Affordable Healthcare

Jan 16, 2013

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Photo Credit: Sarah S., Travels with a Purpose


Sarah is a native Texan who lives a full, active and Christian lifestyle while traveling around the world. She quit her full-time job in June of 2012 to pursue her passion of exploring new countries while volunteering and doing mission work in God’s name. Sarah actively updates her blog entitled Travels with a Purpose, a name derived from her goal of documenting both her travels, as well as the purpose behind them. In her recent post Sarah explains the troubles she encountered while making preparations to go abroad, and the relief of finding the Medi-Share program. Note: this blog has been updated, see below.


Discovering an Affordable Healthcare Program

Just 30 days before embarking on her adventures, Sarah still didn’t have the affordable healthcare she needed for any unforeseen medical issues. Sarah wrote, “After countless hours of researching insurance plans, collecting detailed medical records for the last 10 years, applying, and then waiting, I received those dreaded denial letters…” She was running out of time, but her answer came when she found Christian Care Ministry’s Medi-Share program. “Needless to say, it was a breath of fresh air to find… Medi-Share,” she wrote. “But, even better, was their service. I’ve been extremely impressed by their professionalism, personal care & concern, and willingness to help.”

Members of Medi-Share believe in the same biblical ideals and active Christian lifestyles. Many are comforted by the fact that their participation in the affordable healthcare program gives them the peace of mind that the gifts they share are helping fellow sons and daughters of Christ. The Medi-Share community genuinely supports and prays for one another in times of need.


Medical Healthcare Sharing Travels Abroad

After working with her Member Specialist, Sarah was prepared to travel overseas and begin her “…personal search for adventure.” It’s been seven months since she first left the United States, traveling to the 19 countries and 5 states that she visited in the 2012 calendar year.


Sarah's March Devotional

Last month, Sarah wrote a devotional around Galatians 6:2, "Share each other’s burdens, and in this way, obey the law of Christ." She goes on to define the definition of "church" as it relates to this verse, saying that it can be anything where people gather, including something as simple as a picnic table. Sarah writes, "[church is]... not just a place you go to on Sunday morning. The church is people—a community of believers who strengthen and encourage one another as they strive to grow in their own faith." In this way, Sarah relates how she has experienced this kind of church community with the Medi-Share program. When other insurance companies could or would not accomodate her needs, the sharing-oriented community she found through the Med-Share program was exactly what needed.

For more information about the affordable healthcare bill-sharing program with Medi-Share, call 800-PSALM-23 (800-772-5623) to speak to a representative today!


There are a vast number of ways that Medi-Share meets each member’s needs. Read more on our Medi-Share Reviews page.

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