Serving with Purpose: A Week in the Life of a New CCM Employee

Jan 30, 2024

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Front entrance to Christian Care Ministry

My alarm went off extra early, ringing through the house as I hopped out of bed. The smell of brewing coffee lingered in my nose as I walked through my morning routine. I arranged everything I needed the night before, in preparation for the important day ahead. It was the first day of training for my new job.


As I approached the contemporary office building situated on a beautiful Florida campus, I was overcome with joy to be entering this new chapter of life. It now made sense why some things hadn’t gone my way in the past-so God could bring me here, to this very moment, walking through the doors of Christian Care Ministry.


A security guard buzzed me into the entrance where I met my fellow trainees. We shook each other’s hands with big smiles, excited to begin our first day of orientation. An onboarding trainer toured us through the large building filled with offices and cubicles, decked out in tinsel, lights, wrapping paper, and all types of extravagant Christmas décor (CCM holds a decorating competition in the office, and let me tell you, these people bring it). It was so refreshing to see Christmas decorations that support the whole reason we celebrate the holiday-the birth of our Lord and Savior.


I wandered through the building, trying to remember landmarks so I could find my way back to the training room, struck by the aromatic coffee machines placed throughout. I knew there would be many cappuccinos in my future! Every person I saw in passing was so genuinely kind, greeting me with a hello, good morning, or introducing themselves to me. I wouldn’t have expected an office building with grey cubicles to feel so much like sunshine.


We experienced a long, two-day onboarding/orientation with additional remote new-hires, adding up to 35 total trainees. The leaders and presenters were very helpful, blending their assistance with an enjoyable sense of humor. We trainees absorbed so much information in those two days… about Medi-Share, daily operations, employee benefits, and more. Speaking of benefits, there are so many great things offered here that won’t show up in your typical benefits packet. Things like weekly chapel, spiritual counseling, and MPTO, which stands for Missions Paid Time Off. This can be used for volunteering locally or going on a mission trip.


During orientation, the new employees were introduced to three of our on-site chaplains. They were so warm and inviting, eager to get to know each of us newbies. They made it known that we can share openly with them, and that they are available to counsel and pray with us, keeping it all confidential. How cool is that?!


On the third day, I found myself a bit emotional during my morning commute. I was on my way to weekly chapel held onsite on Wednesday mornings. In few environments do employees come together to start the day with worship. I just felt so thankful the Lord brought me here and chose me for this position, where I can use the gifts he gave me to serve His kingdom alongside other Christians.


Here, colleagues are more than coworkers-they’re family. I have seen employees stop what they’re doing to join in prayer for sick family members. My communications team, in particular, enables my career growth by encouraging and challenging me in the best way.


I have to remind myself that CCM is not a ‘corporate company’. It can look like one on the inside. We work Monday-Friday, 8-5. We’ve got the finance department, member services, care management, marketing team, and all the sections one may need to create a well-run organization. However, we are not a corporation; we are a ministry, working together to contribute to a common goal: to connect people to a Christ-centered community wellness experience based on faith, prayer, and personal responsibility.


Ready to be part of our Christ-centered family? Explore rewarding career opportunities at Christian Care Ministry. Check out our latest job openings and join us on a journey of purpose and service. Your next chapter awaits!

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