How to Keep Motivation and Achieve Success

Oct 8, 2021

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Do you have a big goal in mind?  One that will take months or even years to ultimately complete?  These seemingly overwhelming and far away goals are often hard to see to completion.


It will require a well thought out plan of action.  A detailed step-by-step process map.  And unwavering motivation.  That last one, motivation, is often times the hardest.  How can you stay motivated to continue to press on toward your goals and overcome certain barriers along the path?


For instance, so many people start out with great intentions and high motivation to improve their health… but in three or four short weeks they have become distracted or derailed, and lost their drive to continue. We’ve asked our Medi-Share Health Coaches how they help members stay on track and put all the pieces together to see long-term success! Let’s learn from the pros! flyer - HC-Sept_Page_1

flyer - HC-Sept_Page_2

Click on one of the images to download the flyer.


It is also of utmost importance that you determine your “WHY”.  Why is this goal important to you?  How does this goal ultimately glorify God?  What are the possible long-term consequences if you do or do not achieve this goal?  When you have the answers to these questions and write them down where you can be reminded of them often, then you will keep your eye on the prize when the going gets tough!


Which of these tried and true strategies from our certified Health Coaches are you going to use? Share below and press on toward your goals! 

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