How does Medi-Share work with pre-existing conditions?

Updated as of 2019.

Medi-Share & Pre-existing Conditions

Although Medi-Share was designed primarily for new and unexpected illnesses or injuries, some pre-existing conditions may be eligible for sharing.

Medical bills for diagnosis or treatment of a non-congenital pre-existing medical condition, defined as signs/symptoms, testing, diagnosis, treatment, OR medication for a condition within 36 months prior to membership (based on medical records), will ONLY be eligible for sharing  as follows:

• Up to $100,000 per Member per year (based on effective date) once the member has been faithfully sharing for 36 consecutive months.

• Up to $500,000 per Member per year (based on effective date) once the Member has been sharing faithfully for 60 consecutive months. 

High blood pressure or cholesterol that is controlled through medication or lifestyle will not be considered a pre-existing medical condition for purposes of determining eligibility for future vascular events.


Where there has been a lapse in Membership, a condition will not be considered pre-existing if the first instance of the condition appeared during the previous Membership. An exception would be maternity that occurred outside the current Membership period, which will not be eligible for sharing.


The bottom line: If you haven’t been treated or had symptoms for 3 years or more when you join, your condition may be eligible for sharing if it reoccurs, with some limitations on the amount shareable.


Please read the complete Medi-Share Guidelines,  Section VI. Details of Sharing, F. Pre-Existing Medical Conditions or Related Conditions


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