Fitness Trackers Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Feb 28, 2024

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Person checking the fitness tracker on their wrist



Out of sight, out of mind.


You’ve likely heard this common saying before, but what about the opposite?


In sight, in mind.

This is the perspective shift behind fitness trackers. The awareness and constant reminder that wearing a fitness tracker provides is one key reason why these devices often help people make significant health improvements.


In fact, the CEO of YOORX, which supplies fitness trackers for Medi-Share’s Health Partnership program, says, “The true value of a fitness tracker like the YOORX extends beyond mere numbers. While it does track steps and a wide variety of metrics, its primary benefit lies in heightening awareness of your physical activity. It's not about the exact step count, but about becoming more conscious of today's activity, aiming for improvement tomorrow.”

Studies show that consistently using a fitness tracker—a device that tracks your movement—can increase your steps per day by more than a mile.1


Fitness trackers can track daily steps, heart rate, active minutes, calories burned, distance, sleep quality — just to name a few features. Some even provide prompts to get up and move when you have been sitting still for too long!


Table explaining device features


Fitbit, Garmin, Apple watch, Oura ring, and YOORX are just a few examples of popular wearable fitness devices that give you immediate feedback about various aspects of your daily health. From those who are just starting out to elite athletes, health trackers can be a game changer.


Physical Activity Infographic


Ask the Experts


I asked our health experts what they like about their fitness tracker and how wearable devices have impacted those they work with.


Daniel Kinsbourne, CEO of YOORX

Our users often share success stories beyond step counts. Long-term wellness hinges on behavior change, and YOORX acts as a cue, prompting healthy actions like walking. This establishes a rewarding cycle, fostering a sense of satisfaction for meeting daily goals. Sustainable fitness is about ingraining healthy routines through consistent repetition until behaviors become second nature. It's not just a habit; it's a deeply coded lifestyle change, where meaningful improvements can and do occur.


In addition to step counting, I use the Active Minutes feature. The YOORX keeps track of every minute in the day that I am physically moving. Many of us simply don’t move enough, and I’m in that camp. I don’t use the YOORX because my goal is to run a marathon. What I need to do is move more throughout the day, and the Active Minutes feature helps me do that. I set a goal of two hours per day and try to meet and exceed it daily. I also track my sleep duration and the amount of deep sleep I get. Sleep tracking is a vital feature, and when I stay up too late and don’t get the sleep I need, the YOORX really helps me get back on track.


Lisa, Boston Marathoner and Medi-Share Health Coach

I like to track heart rate during exercise, and I encourage others to track it too, if their watch allows and they are at that point of progression. I think it’s a great way for our members to identify “moderate” intensity and monitor their breathing in those specific HR zones. This is also a great way to track fitness – by watching breathing/effort get easier at the same HR as they advance. I wear my watch during every race! It allows me to look back at both my pace and my HR at specific elevations.


Kristina, Medi-Share Health Coach

The Health Partnership members I work with say over and over again once they start using their YOORX that it helps them be more aware of their movement and be more intentional about getting more movement in during the day. A lot of members also find that it helps to “compete” with themselves to see if they can reach whatever their step goal is each day.


Mary, Medi-Share Health Coach

My Health Partnership members all say the same thing: their fitness tracker makes them more aware of how little movement we all get in a day and helps them strive to get more steps in every day. I love using my fitness tracker! I track my sleep, steps, exercise, heart rate and more.  I love the workout history tab so I can see if I’ve “beat” myself from previous workouts. I compete with my husband as he has one too! I am definitely more aware of my movement since I purchased this.


Wendy, Medi-Share Health Coach

I have noticed more intentional movement by members when they have a specific tracker goal. They are motivated by seeing more steps or more frequency, and of course more intensity! Many enjoy the competition with other members in the Health Partnership Fitness Challenges.


woman checking her fitness tracker while exercising


Did you know a quick look at your fitness watch mid-workout can be the nudge you need to press on to the end? A study published in 2022 showed that providing visual performance feedback to a mentally fatigued person can mitigate the negative effects of the fatigue on their physical endurance.2


How do you like to use your fitness tracker? Let us know in the comments below!


*Please consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen. The information listed in this article does not take into account individual physical abilities and merely discuss the benefits of monitoring daily physical activity.





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