Dear Members, I Love You.

Feb 14, 2020

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Dear Medi-Share Members,

I love you.

I needed help, and you were there for me. Maybe not physically, but financially and spiritually you were there for me.

I admit, unless you have great medical needs or find yourself at the doctor often, it’s hard to tangibly see the benefits of being part of this amazing community of believers. Where is my monthly share going every month? How am I really part of something bigger than myself?

Well, I’ll tell you.

You see, last year I needed surgery. Something I never expected to need but, alas, there I was in a super fashionable cream-colored gown entering a cold, sterile room bustling with my surgical team just waiting to do their thing that they’re so gifted at doing.

Though I truly didn’t have 100% assurance everything was going to go smoothly (seriously, if you find a doctor who can promise this, I would check their credibility), I had an immense peace about two very important things:

  1. My Jesus had me in the palm of His hand and I could trust Him, and
  2. My community had my back.

I experienced something I never had before in that I was able to close my eyes for that 2+ hour surgery with complete peace of mind knowing the cost of that entire procedure would be shared.

Every. Single. Penny.

What insurance company can promise that?!

The very next day I was able to go home and COMPLETELY focus on my recovery rather than stress over how I was going to afford the impending medical bills. Not only that, but just a few weeks later as share notices were posted, I received encouraging notes and prayers through the mobile app.

Seriously, did you even know you can chat directly with other Medi-Share members through our mobile app? How amazing is God to connect me with people I’ve never met before, but who would take time out of their day to lift me up in prayer.

So, thank you to my brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m so grateful to you for living out what this ministry is all about: an authentic Christian community that reflects the love of Christ.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.


Rebecca B.


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