5 Things to Tell Your Pharmacy

Oct 4, 2023

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From the enthusiastic appointment scheduler at your doctor’s office to the triage nurse who asks you to stand on that awful scale, to the person stapling a booklet of paper to your prescription bag—each professional comprises a member on your healthcare team. Everyone plays a unique role on that team, and every role impacts your overall healthcare.


Typically, the final line of that team is your chosen pharmacy. They may be the last line, but they are assuredly not the least. These men and women are healthcare professionals with federally regulated educations, certifications, and licenses, all to ensure the safety and efficacy of your prescriptions. What they don’t know about is you! Here are five things you want to make sure to tell your pharmacy.


1. Contact information

Maybe it seems obvious, but please take note! If you change your cell phone number or decide to exclusively use a landline, don’t forget to update your pharmacy! Your pharmacy team will inevitably need to reach you with questions and updates about your medications. Giving them the best way to reach you is essential for quick and clear communication.


2. Dietary restrictions

If you are you a strict vegan or avoid porcine products, that matters. Prescribing providers may not realize the inactive ingredients in a medication. Your pharmacist has gone through years of advanced education and training to obtain a doctorate degree specializing in pharmacy! A pharmacist will know if your prescribed products will match your lifestyle needs.


3. Allergic reactions

Do you have a history of having a reaction to a medication, food, medical equipment, infusion, or injection? For example, you may remember a time when a sudden rash appeared during a CT scan with contrast dye. Maybe you don’t eat eggs because they make your throat itch. Did your hands swell after wearing latex gloves while cleaning? These are the things to communicate with your pharmacy and be prepared for some follow-up questions.


4. Medicines you use

Especially if you fill prescriptions at more than one pharmacy—even different locations of the same chain—give your pharmacist a list of everything you use and how you use it. Believe it or not, this list includes vitamins, herbs, supplements, topical steroids, or even that holistic detox you buy from your cousin’s social media group. If your pharmacist doesn’t know, they can’t use their years of education to tell you what is or is not safe.


5. Medicines you no longer use

Your provider may have advised to discontinue a prescription or changed the medication to a different drug class altogether. Your pharmacist will not automatically assume this information, and it is unlikely that the provider’s office communicated it with them. Don’t forget to include the over-the-counter (OTC) medications you may not be currently taking, too.


Your healthcare is exactly that—yours. It is specialized for and controlled by you. Most pharmacies have spaces for patients to privately disclose medical history or receive counseling from a pharmacist on anything related to their medications. Your pharmacy team wants to provide you with the best possible care. They can only provide that level of care if you give them the information that only you have.


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