What's an Annual Household Portion(AHP)?

Jan 24, 2017

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Great question! Medi-Share terminology is unique to our healthcare sharing ministry. If you are used to traditional insurance we understand that the new lingo can be confusing at first. Let’s see if we can bring some clarity to the AHP for you.

annual household portion (AHP) is the dollar amount pay toward eligible medical bills medishare

The Annual Household Portion (AHP) is the dollar amount a Member Household pays toward their eligible medical bills during a 12-month period before their bills are processed for sharing. When you join Medi-Share you select the AHP level that makes sense for you and your budget. Your monthly share amount will vary, based on which AHP you select and the age of the oldest member in your household.


Similar to a deductible, the AHP is the amount that you agree to be responsible for before sharing starts. For instance, if you select a $3,000 AHP, your household will be responsible for a total of $3,000 of eligible medical bills before your bills will be published for sharing by other members. 


So, let’s say you take your child to a walk-in clinic for a sprained ankle and the total cost is $500. That $500 is applied to your AHP, but is your responsibility. Your next event is an ER visit for pneumonia, for a total cost of $2,500. Between the two eligible incidents, your AHP has been met. From that point forward, 100% of your eligible medical bills will be processed for sharing until you meet your effective date, when your AHP resets to $0.


So regardless of which family member, or how much the bills are, once you have met your AHP for the year, 100% of eligible medical bills for your family will be processed for sharing. There is not a percentage split or limit on how much is eligible for sharing.


Note: Members always pay a provider fee of $35 (doctor or hospital) or $200 (ER), regardless of whether they have met the AHP. The provider fee is not applied to the AHP.


Here’s the best part---even if you never meet your AHP (which means that you are healthy and well), your dollars are going directly to help another Christian family with an eligible medical need, every single month. You are helping others and your healthcare dollars are not being used for procedures that as a Christian, you may not agree with.

Section IV. Medi-Share Program Options


Watch the Knewtson’s story and hear how once they met their small annual household portion, their bills were shared and they were able to focus on their daughter’s care and well-being.


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