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May 23, 2019

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Tim and Dayna Molyneaux

Receiving a diagnosis and then wondering how you will be able to pay for bills related to that diagnoses can be a real concern for many of us today.


When Dayna Molyneaux faced an extremely painful condition, she and her husband Tim turned to their Medi-Share community for support.




The couple owns their own business, which keeps them quite busy. However, Dayna found it hard to be a help because of her teaching schedule. Her desire was to quit and work full-time with Tim, but they were concerned about what they would do for healthcare. After researching many options and, based upon many recommendations, they chose Medi-Share.


When the Molyneauxs joined, they knew Dayna’s pre-existing condition wouldn’t be eligible for sharing, but joining allowed her to afford to quit teaching and work with Tim full-time.


Dayna and Tim communicated with Medi-Share through the entire process of her diagnoses and surgery. Through the generosity of Medi-Share members’ contributions to the Extra Blessings program, all of Dayna’s medical bills were paid.


If you’d like to learn more about the Extra Blessings program or how you can donate, visit extrablessings.com.

To hear more stories like the Molyneaux's, visit Medi-Share Reviews.

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