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Feb 4, 2021

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There’s something so beautiful about sharing the love of Jesus with others simply by acting as the body of Christ as we lift up our brothers and sisters in need! Our members have impacted lives all around them and have been blessed in return as being part of the Medi-Share community embodies love, a generous heart, and fervent prayer in times we need it most.


Below are a handful of member testimonials that will encourage and lift your spirits to see the love of Christ being spread every day in diverse and unique ways.


“On Friday, my doctor's office called….she spoke for several minutes about how blessed she was speaking to the Medi-Share representative. She described how stressful her job is working with insurance companies and patients who don't understand why their insurance does not cover treatment. She said at the end of the call, the Medi-Share rep asked to pray for her. She was overwhelmed by the kindness and care. Thank you, Medi-Share, for revealing the love of Christ to the world.” – Tim W.


“A few months ago, I decided to work with a Medi-Share Health Coach, Karen Selby. I wanted to pursue the benefits of eating healthier. Karen provided the structure and support to achieve my goals. I learned to add healthier food choices to my diet. I now cook healthy meals for my husband and I, which has improved his diet too. These healthier choices have opened up a new menu to us. We feel we have more energy. Thank you, Medi-Share Health Coach Karen for your support.” – Cynthia C.


“Wow… I chose a Medi-Share option instead of conventional health insurance. It is so great to see how what I pay monthly helps others. My portion helped pay David H.’s $493,779.00 bill. I love Medi-Share.” – Anonymous


“Medi-Share has been great! I have had something each of the past years that exceeded my personal share portion and the Medi-Share members have very graciously filled in the gaps.” – Anonymous


“I have a cancer diagnosis. Talked with everyone from the call center, to case manager, and upper level case manager. I have never had a better experience at all levels than I have had with Medi-Share. During this illness, my wife and I have shared tears of happiness on nearly every occasion we’ve spoken with Medi-Share representatives. Truly a blessing and a literal miracle has occurred with my treatment and diagnosis going forward that I credit in large part to the prayers and support we’ve received from the Medi-Share family.” – Anonymous


“It is working out great for our family. I like the security we have in knowing that if we need it, it’s there, but like having the freedom in choosing our providers and going to specialists when needed without needing referrals. It has provided very efficient, effective health care for our family.” – Anonymous


Jesus said in John 15:12, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”  We’re so blessed as a ministry to see the lives of thousands impacted and surrounded by God’s grace and provision as we do what the Lord has called this ministry to do.


From health coaches to working with providers to prayerful phone calls, we strive to embody Christ in all we do. We know you’ll be encouraged or even relate to some of the stories above! As is evident in the words shared, even amidst our hardest moments in life, the Lord opens doors and provides for us just when we need Him!


If you have a Medi-Share story to tell, we want to hear from you!



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