Providing Care during Difficult Diagnoses

May 21, 2020

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Imagine facing a diagnosis you never saw coming. What do you do? Where do you turn? What are your best options? Who will advocate for you?


Med-Share is not just an affordable alternative to health insurance. It is a community of believers who have come together to share each other’s medical burdens. It’s different from health insurance in the best way possible, and our Care Management department proves just that!


If you have a crisis diagnosis or treatment plan, one of our highly qualified Registered Nurses will partner with you throughout your treatment to help you understand everything that is happening. Medi-Share’s Care Management team comes alongside members to provide education of the Medi-Share guidelines and the member’s diagnosis; communicate with hospitals, case managers, and providers; as well as emotional and prayer support. Essentially, they make sure you’re getting the right treatment for the right price.




To give you a better peek into how this department serves our members every single day, we interviewed two of our Registered Nurses who work with our members: Pam Goring and Kim Mahoney.


Tell us about your background in the medical field.

Pam: I have a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and my background is oncology (cancer) and hospice (end of life). I have been a nurse for a total of seven years. I was late in the game earning my degree, as I raised kids and moved all over the place with my military hubby before settling in Colorado Springs and then pursuing my degree. I would not change a thing!!


Professionally, I was a Care Manager and a Clinical Supervisor in hospice as well as a director for health and wellness for a local assisted living facility. Directly before coming to Medi-share I worked as an Oncology Navigator with Rocky Mountain Cancer Center.


Kim: I have been a RN for over 39 years. For eight years I was able to stay at home with my three beautiful children. I have worked in both the hospital and clinic settings. My background has primarily been in Orthopedic & Neurology as well as Occupational Health.


What value do you think having nurses on staff adds to Medi-Share members?

Pam: We add that clinical support and knowledge the member needs in order to understand their diagnosis. We are able to counsel from God’s Word and pray with them through that support. Being a nurse is largely to be a teacher, too! 


Kim: Care managers work together with other internal departments and are the main point of contact for complex medical conditions. This improves communication with both the member and his or her providers.


The prayer support is essential when going through complex medical conditions and adds value while also offering clinical support to members and their loved ones. Sometimes, the nurse is the face of Medi-Share for this member.


caring nurse


How is working at Christian Care Ministry different from other jobs you’ve had in the medical field?

Pam: I can live the dream!! To share my passion for nursing and marry it up with my love for Christ and not having to be “careful” about sharing my faith… WOOHOO!


Kim: Working at Medi-Share has allowed me to use my clinical background and also serve in a ministry. Not only am I allowed and encouraged to pray for every member, I offer prayer to doctor’s offices, operators at hospitals, and every other place I call. You would be surprised how many people are stunned by the offer of prayer and how often they allow the prayer. Several have cried saying that I am the first person who has called in to their clinic and prayed for them.


What is one of your favorite things about your job?

Pam: I enjoy teaching my members that cancer is not their identity―just their journey. I love praying with them and being able to troubleshoot with them, removing some of the whirlwind from their storm.


Kim: I enjoy getting to know the members and their loved ones over time as I have several touchpoints with a member throughout his or her case. I love praying for them. Members should know there is a lot of prayer that goes on for them behind the scenes.

Secondly, members have shared their incredible stories with me, and their courage has humbled me. Many have taught me lessons as I see how they have overcome their struggles and see the Lord answering prayers.


What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from being a nurse? 

Pam: Life is 10% what is thrown at us and 90% how we react to it. If I can remember this, I can bring calm into any troubling circumstance.


Kim: The greatest lesson I’ve learned is to be present. A nurse wants to fix things and make it better. Sometimes, the best thing I can do is to just be there in the middle of the crisis with another person.


Anything else you’d like to share with Medi-Share members?

Pam: They are all inspiring to me. To hear their stories and share in their journeys is an honor!


Kim: Thank you for allowing us to come alongside you and for sharing your lives with us. Members need to know there is a team surrounding the nurses that help in our department to make us successful in serving you!


Although we at Medi-Share hope you never experience a crisis diagnosis, rest assured that we have an entire team waiting to prayerfully support you throughout the diagnosis and treatment process. Thank you for choosing to be a part of a Christian health care community that cares!


Have you been blessed by a Medi-Share Care Management Nurse? We’d love to hear about it in the comments, or you may share your story here.

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