Member Spotlight – UNPACKIN' it with Bryce Johnson

Jul 20, 2022

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Tell us a little about your family and your ministry/what you do.


My wife, Jodi, and I have been married since 2013 and have two young daughters, Maddie (3) and Mikayla (1). We live just outside of Charlotte, NC where both of us grew up.


We started UNPACKIN’ it Ministries in 2014, and our mission today is to challenge, encourage, and inspire sports fans to follow Jesus by providing content, events, and fellowship that cultivates a community of sports fans becoming more like Christ together.


The ministry provides podcasts and devotionals that unpack sports, faith, and life. We also have a ministry resource for churches and individuals called Fantasy Football Fellowship that takes Fantasy concepts and relates them to the Bible and our own lives. It’s designed to help Fantasy GMs grow in their faith and develop deeper relationships within their league throughout the season.


What made you want to start your ministry – UNPACKIN’ it?


I love sports and I love Jesus, so God gave me the vision to combine those two passions to form a unique ministry. Most sports ministries minister to athletes and coaches which is awesome, but I felt there was a need to impact the lives of sports fans.  My background in sports radio allows me to connect with sports fans and speak their language, so I want to have sports conversations that lead to faith conversations. I am passionate about seeing sports fans go from being spiritual spectators in the stands to active followers of Jesus. I desire for sports fans to love God and love people even more than sports!


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Why were you drawn to the sports fans community?


Sports fans are passionate, loyal, emotional, outspoken, and committed to their favorite teams and players. I want to see sports fans passionate about Jesus, loyal to their families, emotionally healthy, outspoken about their faith, and committed to the Church.


Sports fans are a unique and specific group of people. They naturally connect with other sports fans regardless of age, color, or background because their fandom provides a commonality. I want to take the qualities of sports fans and the natural bonds that sports create and leverage them to cultivate a connected community of sports fans following Jesus.


What advice do you have for someone feeling led to start their own business or ministry?


My advice is to first, get clear confirmation from the Lord, along with wise counsel, as well as support from close family members. Continue to seek the Lord and wise counsel while making each key decision along the journey. It’s important to have a few close friends and mentors you can be real with when things get tough (they will) and when you have doubts and fears. It’s critical to stay rooted in God’s Word, trust Him when obstacles appear, and remain committed to prayer. Remember, it’s okay to fail along the way, but don’t stay discouraged, and keep on persevering and learning. Remain faithful to the vision God gave you and focus on why you’re doing what you’re doing, especially on the days when things feel impossible. On those days make sure you talk to people who are encouraging and optimistic. Don’t forget God is our provider and sustainer and He can do anything. We just have to follow His leading and obey Him one step at a time. Lastly, it’s good to look to others as examples, but be careful not to compare yourself in a negative way because it can be very defeating.


How long have you and your family been Medi-Share members?


We have been Medi-Share members for over six years.


What has being a part of this community of believers been like for you and your family?


We are so thankful for the affordable health care the Medi-Share community has provided us. It was great when it was just my wife and I, as well as, adding each of our daughters. Also, my wife has greatly appreciated the prayers every time she’s called with a question. We love knowing we’re all in this together and we have each other’s back as a community of believers!

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