Meet Sarah R.!

Dec 3, 2020

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Medi-Share believes our members deserve an affordable option for their family’s health care needs - especially when the savings allow you and your family to live the life that your heart desires. For Sarah, joining Medi-Share allowed her family to build a life they love, which included Sarah staying home and homeschooling her children.


Medi-Share members save up to 50% or more on their monthly health care costs, and to people like Sarah, that’s worth sharing!


Sarah is a wife, mom of two, singer, and taco-lover. She joined Medi-Share eight years ago and the community has been there for her through the ups and downs, including her husband’s cancer diagnosis and the loss of a baby. Now she tells people about Medi-Share whenever she can!


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Members like Sarah -- and you too - make the Medi-Share family so special and unique. You all are the reason why we do what we do… and we do it for the love.


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