How Music Brought Me Closer to God

Sep 1, 2021

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Everyone has that one thing that makes them emotional, releases stress, spikes endorphins, something that draws every fiber of your being to feel so deeply. For me, that thing is music. Music is so beautiful in the way it speaks to everyone so diversely. It can cause you to feel emotions in a way you wouldn’t experience them otherwise.


Ephesians 5:19 says, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.” I love that in nearly every book of the Bible you can find an example of how the Lord’s people would sing praises to Him no matter what they were going through. I believe music is one of the most powerful expressions of love to share your heart for the Lord.


Music is something I grew up with in my family. From youth worship leader, to school musicals, to leading worship in chapel at Medi-Share where I work and so on, music has been integrated into every aspect of my life. I have always enjoyed singing with others, creating my own music, and seeing the joy it brought people.


But the most influential moment for me was when music became worship. An outpour of true, raw, beautiful praises to my Jesus. I found myself in a place of always wanting to express my heart through music. Any worship song that played on the radio or on my playlist would pull my heartstrings like no other. It brought me to a place of surrender and tears of pure joy.


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It is said that music helps reduce stress because it helps you explore emotions you didn’t know you had. Music got me through some of my most difficult seasons in life because I was able to meet and listen to Jesus in such a vulnerable state. He showed me what it means to give Him my whole heart. Not pieces and fragments of what I wanted to share with Him but expressing every emotion I was experiencing and placing it in His mighty hands. It was then that I was able to fully praise Him, humbled and blanketed with the most incredible peace and grace I could ever experience.


Some of the most memorable and significant moments in my life have revolved around music. I attended Passion a few years back and I could imagine the Heavens opening and the Lord seeing 70,000 of His sons and daughters praising His name in worship.


Another significant moment in my life was when I wrote my first song. It was the most beautiful and intimate experience with my Lord and Savior. I felt so honored that Jesus gave me this gift, so how could I not pour my heart out to Him in praise? Just like the power of prayer I think there is power in music. When the body of Christ comes together to worship in song, I believe Jesus is moving mountains.


So, whether music is that outlet for you or maybe it’s found in books, poems, or sitting in nature and soaking up His creation, go spend time with Jesus where you feel most vulnerable. Go give Him your whole heart. Don’t feel like you need to have a set routine every day to talk to Jesus. He meets you where you are, so go meet Him where your heart is entirely His. Your Creator wants to be in the presence of His creation (YOU!), so melt into your Heavenly Father’s arms of grace.


“Who am I without You? My thoughts are not mine; they’re part of You. The depth it takes to know You, Your intimate nearness draws me close to You. Grace that I don’t deserve, You pour into me even when I’m at my worst. I want to fall in love with You, over and over again each day anew.” -Chloe Viesins “Who Am I Without You” ©

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