Let Yourself Be... a 3-Day Devotional with Medi-Share

Sep 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 Minutes

Do you need a break from the heaviness? Some refreshing in your soul? Join us and the rest of the Medi-Share community as we come together for three days in the Word and in prayer September 22-24 and let yourself be...


Would you be ruthlessly honest with yourself and consider this: Are you willing to let yourself be loved? Very often letting love in is more difficult than giving love away. It is vulnerable to be loved. It implies we need and want something, and it’s hard for many of us to actually acknowledge that we have a need.


The bible tells the story of a blind man, Bartimaeus, who seemed to have been a permanent fixture on the road to Jerusalem and apparently, was a bit of a character. In his absence of sight, he boldly confesses his need, “Have mercy on me.” This seems to be another way of saying, “I do not have the power to fix my circumstances. You do. I need help!” 

Jesus responds in an invitational manner. He asks, “What do you want me to do for you?”    

This is telling us something about the Divine. The God of the universe is interested in our situations. What does this tell us about love? In particular, God’s love?  


More to come on Facebook Live Sept. 22nd @ 12PM EDT.


Are you willing to let yourself be intimately transformed and shaped into something new? Sometimes life’s difficulties can cast an ugly shadow over us, and those difficulties can attempt to become our identity.  


Mark Buchanan writes, 

“Sickness can actually steal the place of God. It can become the sick person's center, the touchstone by which he defines himself...” 


You have been hurt, you have suffered, but this does not define you. 


What Satan means for evil God transforms for good. Our lives are not meant to be woven together with anger and regret. Our lives are meant to be built upon threads of redemption. 


This devotional will challenge you to fully embrace your God-given identity.


More to come on Facebook Live Sept. 23rd @ 12PM EDT.


The crossroads of life reads like this: Resentment or Forgiveness. God has given you the choice, so which one will you choose?  


In the midst of every conflict, two paths emerge. It is a choice between heaven and hell: the flow of peace or the grip of anxiety.  


Jesus understood this paradox, which is why in his greatest moments of agony he spoke these words: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” 


In forgiving, Jesus was setting himself free and modeling for us how to let go of the darkness and step into the light.


Join us on Facebook Live Sept. 22nd - 24th @ 12PM EDT as we dive into God’s transformative power and His unconditional love for us.

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