5 Tasty Ways to Celebrate National Avocado Day

Jul 23, 2021

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So, I’m sure you’ve all heard about avocado toast; it’s all the rage and for very good reason, too! Avocados are not only super flavorful when seasoned right, but they have great texture and many health benefits as well. If you don’t think you could like avocados or are a little on the edge about them, I am here to change your mind.


Here are 5 recipes you can make that are fun, flavorful, and centered around the one and only fruit—the avocado! It’s a perfect time to try them out in celebration of National Avocado Day coming up on July 31.


  1. Avocado Toast

    Many restaurants make avocado toast in a variety of ways, but now you get to be the food connoisseur and come up with your very own, delicious avocado toast recipe. I personally don’t do anything crazy; I keep it simple and easy but load up on the spices and seasonings. Sometimes I will add a little tomato and balsamic glaze to the top to spruce it up if I’m feeling fancy. Watch the video below to see the recipe!


  2. Add Avocado to a Smoothie

    Many people love bananas in their smoothies for texture and to create thickness. Avocados are a great addition or substitute to bananas for smooth, well-rounded flavor and consistency. Experiment with putting it in all kinds of smoothies—chocolatey ones or fruity!

  3. Feature Avocado in a Salad

    Many times, a salad doesn’t feel fulfilling or hearty enough to leave us satisfied. Try adding an avocado along with other veggies to get some more texture in your salad and to create a well-rounded, filling meal.salad with avocado

  4. Stuff the Avocado with Healthy Goodness

    There are many recipes for stuffing an avocado with all kinds of fun foods! Chicken salad, cooked ground turkey, or beef for a healthy “taco.” The opportunities are endless and this option cuts out the bread that you would normally have with many of these meals, replacing it with a much healthier alternative.

    avocado stuffed with chicken salad
  5. Make Avocado Ice Cream for the Hot Summer Months

    I have recently come across avocado ice cream and it is a game-changer for a non-dairy option! It’s smooth, creamy, and all around delightful. Here is a must-try avocado recipe to try out.


Be sure to check out local restaurants that may have fun deals around National Avocado Day like https://www.chipotle.com/avocadoday so you can celebrate along with the rest of the world and enjoy this fun, healthy food.


If you're interested in more detailed healthy avocado recipes,there are plenty to explore! For additional health resources check out the Medi-Share Wellness Library


What’s your favorite avocado recipe? Share in the comments!


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