Affordable Healthcare Plans: A Guide

Jan 9, 2012

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With ever-increasing healthcare costs and pricey insurance policies, it is becoming harder to find an affordable insurance plan for your family without compromising your morals or needs. Thankfully, thousands of others like you are uniting in their concern and creating viable solutions.


Traditional Health Insurance May Not Be the Answer


Many healthy families and active professionals do not need, want or are able to pay high premiums, deductibles and co-pays. A better solution may be a medical bill sharing program like Christian Care’s popular Medi-Share program.


What Is a Cost-Sharing Ministry


A cost-sharing ministry is a member community helping each other meet their needs, rather than a corporation selling medical assistance to customers. Affordable healthcare plans are available to all accepted members and prices are determined by each member’s needs. Members united by shared values, beliefs and ethics willfully elect to help each other pay their healthcare costs.


How A Christian Healthcare Cost-Sharing Ministry Works


With a cost-sharing ministry, there are no deductibles or co-pays, only gifts. A cost-sharing ministry honors the spiritual needs and values of its members. In addition to financial support, programs like Medi-Share, offer chaplains to counsel members through difficulties, and a prayer network to keep the entire community connected in faith.


The Community Decides How to Best Meet Its Needs


Ultimately, the members decide by voting on the program guidelines how best to care for each other. In the Medi-Share program, members can help create, change and amend the guidelines with a 67% majority vote. A Medi-Share Steering Committee or the Christian Care Ministry Board of Directors can also make changes to strengthen the guidelines and program ideals, but ultimately the members have the final say.


Cost-Sharing Ministry Plans Help with Affordable Healthcare


On average, a family with a Medi-Share membership pays just $282 a month. Many families find that cost-sharing ministries are extremely beneficial to their financial situation; it’s common for families to save hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars each year with affordable healthcare plans.


The Spiritual Values of a Christian Healthcare Cost-Sharing Ministry


Not only is a cost-sharing ministry a way to obtain affordable healthcare plans for your loved ones, it also keeps you rich in the things that matter most: morals, decency, kindness, and compassion. Because of the money you save through a cost-sharing ministry, your savings can be used towards supporting those in need in other areas of your life. Because members of a common spiritual background make the decisions for the group, you will not be using your hard-earned money to fund treatments or procedures you do not support. Knowing that a person of your faith and values will receive your monthly gift offers an additional incentive for participating in a cost-sharing ministry.


You Don’t Have to Compromise Your Morals or Your Health


That’s because a cost-sharing ministry still enables you to receive the medical care you are used to receiving. Members also have access to a staff of health professionals in such areas as nutrition, exercise physiology, nursing, and physical therapy.


In an increasingly hectic world that seems set on increasing revenue and growing customer numbers, it can be easy to forget that there is always a community in place that understands your needs and that welcomes your fellowship. If you are interested in living your life to the fullest and supporting the people that want to support you, affordable healthcare is available through cost-sharing ministries. For more information about Christian Care Ministry and the Medi-Share medical bill sharing program, call 800-PSALM-23 (800-772-5623) to speak to a representative today!

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