A Different Kind of Pharmacy

Nov 20, 2017

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As if finding affordable healthcare wasn’t daunting enough, especially during this shortened open enrollment period, millions of Americans are also extremely concerned about the continued rising cost of prescription drugs.


In many cases, it’s cheaper to self-pay for prescriptions. And while there are, in fact, ways to save money on those recurring costs, most people don’t know about them or don’t think to ask their doctor or pharmacist about any cost-saving measures.


Is there another way?


Good Shepherd Pharmacy thinks so, and has based their mission statement on this notion: “We exist to improve the lives of our members through affordable pharmacy services and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Much like Christian Care Ministry, GSP exists to glorify Christ through the Gospel and by caring for each other. It is a non-profit membership pharmacy for the uninsured where members pay a low monthly membership fee and receive their prescriptions for free or at cost.


The problem


“Retail pharmacies are obligated by insurance contracts to guarantee the lowest price to an insurer’s customers,” explained Philip Baker, CEO & Founder of GSP. “Therefore, no medicine dispensed, even to the uninsured, can be cheaper than the price guaranteed by one of these contracts. In short, prescription insurance increases prices for everyone.”


Because retail pharmacies are under contract with insurance companies, they are required to sell their drugs at a fixed price – many times at a 2,000% or more mark-up.


The solution


Good Shepherd does not bill any insurance company, and is, thereby, able to dispense prescriptions at the price the pharmacy pays. Just imagine the savings on one or two recurring prescriptions!


Here’s how it works:

  • All medicine is synchronized (MedSync) to be filled on one, convenient day rather than scattered fill dates and regular trips to the pharmacy
  • Medicine is shipped to your doorstep every 90 days
  • Good Shepherd app (iOS/Android) includes…

    • Order refills directly from phone
    • Video overviews of medications
    • Patient account portal
    • 24/7 access to Good Shepherd


The pharmacy itself is based in Memphis, Tenn., and can currently only service members in Tennessee. “However, we're pre-enrolling members in other states,” said Baker. “Once we have enough pre-enrollments to cover the cost of licensure, we open a new state. We've started applications in six other states, and hope to be licensed nationally by the end of next year.


To pre-enroll where you are, go to www.goodshephealth.com.



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