Employee Spotlight: Jenni Green

Jul 14, 2021

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family picture of mother, father, daughter, and son

At Medi-Share, we have some really outstanding employees who work hard to serve our members each and every day. As we seek to impact the Kingdom through excellent customer service, managers like Jenni Green move us that much closer to our goal. We hope you enjoy getting to know her and hearing a little bit about her heart for the Lord and for our members!

Q: How long have you worked at the Ministry and in what capacities?

I have been at Christian Care Ministry (CCM) since the Colorado site opened in August of 2016. I started on the phones helping members, moved up to the helpline, became one of the first Tier 3 Member Services Representatives, earned a role as a Supervisor, and then as an Operations Manager. CCM has been a wonderful place for my career growth for the past 5 years and I love serving the wonderful people here.


Q: What led you to CCM?

A long-term ministry job ended and I was looking for work. My family and I were already Medi-Share members so I was familiar with the program and I feel like God led me here to the job I didn’t know I wanted.


Q: What does the Contact Center do?

The Contact Center has the privilege of being the frontline support for our members and providers. We help new members understand the program and how to utilize it effectively. We provide web support and assistance finding providers. We receive monthly share payments. Additionally, we walk our members through their medical billing process and help them understand what is needed for their bills to process as well as the conclusion of how their bills are processed. We are also blessed to get to offer prayer to thousands and thousands of members and providers each and every month.


Q: How do you see your role as a manager in light of your prior ministry experience?

I believe leadership is all about serving people. I currently get to serve some outstanding Supervisors as they serve their incredible teams. It’s all about creating relationships and trying to create frictionless experiences for our employees and members alike. From the Kingdom perspective, at the end of my days, Jesus is not going to ask me about my KPI’s (key performance indicators) as a Manager, but rather how well I loved and served the people within my sphere of influence.


Q: Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Wisconsin. (Go Pack Go!) I went to college in Missouri and then moved back to Wisconsin for about 13 years and now have been in Colorado for the past 13 years.

family portrait of mother father daughter and son

Q: Tell us about your family.

I am the oldest of two kids born to my mom and dad. Currently, my mom, Merry lives with us here in CO and my dad lives in heaven. I have been married to my husband Todd for 28 years and we have a 22-year-old daughter named Mackenzie and a 20-year-old son named Dylan. I am going to have a son-in-law, Caden, in December! Also – we have two hound dogs named Arlo and Bruno and a yellow tabby named Thomas O’Malley.

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Q: How did you come to know the Lord?

We grew up in a mainline denomination where we were religious but did not understand the gift of salvation. When I was about 12 years old, my father got radically saved and within a few months, the spiritual trajectory of my family changed dramatically. (Praise the Lord!)


Q: What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

My husband and I like to take our dogs on long walks and hikes daily. I love cooking and eating yummy food. I am a voracious reader of fiction and nonfiction. I love spending quality time with family and friends. I am quite competitive so I like playing cards and board games to win!


Q: Anything else we should know about you?

Just that I am very grateful to serve Jesus here at CCM for as long as He allows. Thankful for the best co-workers who are also family!


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