A Glimpse Inside Christian Care Ministry: Where Faith and Sharing Intersect

Sep 15, 2023

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Medi-Share's Board of Directors praying over CEO Brandon Harvath

I wish you could see…


The number of employees who gather virtually every Monday morning to start our week with the Father, lifting up earnest prayers on behalf of our ministry, members, and employees.


The three-inch thick binder full of precious pictures—pictures of babies born into membership that sits on the desk of one of our maternity specialists because they’re so special to her.


The team manager sitting alone in a room, head bowed in prayer before preparing for the day’s meetings.


The weekly employee chapel filled with employees worshipping together, arms raised in praise to God our King for His faithfulness to us and to this ministry.


The aisles of the call center and the sound of fervent prayers being lifted to God for members and providers during every call.


The executive leadership team, huddled in earnest prayer as they seek the Lord’s guidance in every decision they make.


These are just some of the sights and sounds that make Christian Care Ministry a special place at which to work and to serve our members, providers, and fellow employees. We are “Ministry First.”


This theme is the heart cry and the organizational focus of CCM’s newly-appointed President and Chief Executive Officer, Brandon Harvath. Harvath, formerly the Chief Operating Officer and interim CEO, brings vast experience and steadfast dedication to the role.


Since joining the Christian Care Ministry team in 2021, Harvath has consistently exhibited a profound commitment to enhancing the services provided through Medi-Share. His appointment by the Board of Directors is a testament to his strategic vision and unwavering commitment to the organization's vision to transform society through the Biblical model of sharing.


A homeschooling father of seven, Brandon is passionate about family and the freedom to choose educational and healthcare options that align with faith and values. He and his wife Hannah have been married for 21 years and together, enjoy serving in their local church and supporting or even participating in the work of domestic and foreign missions.


"I am deeply honored to accept the position of CEO," said Harvath. "Christian Care Ministry, through its Medi-Share program, continues to be an innovative beacon for affordable, faith-based healthcare solutions. I am excited to lead this extraordinary team as we build on our mission of ‘Connecting people to a Christ-centered community wellness experience based on faith, prayer, and personal responsibility’ and continue to serve our community."


Under Harvath’s leadership, Christian Care Ministry seeks to increase its service to the church and its impact on the nearly 400,000 members who shared more than $1.4 billion in medical expenses last year alone. As Christian Care Ministry celebrates 30 years of sharing, its 720 employees now set their sights on forging ahead with innovative healthcare solutions that meet the needs of members, all while staying true to their faith-based roots. 


Harvath is passionate about encouraging members and non-members alike to remain faithful to their Christian values, which should translate into how they spend their money and the organizations they put their trust in. As CEO, Brandon is committed to building a 21st-century deacon ministry that connects needs with resources at the intersection of faith and sharing and, ultimately, creating a Christian ecosystem.


At a recent homeschooling convention this summer, he had this to say in his breakout session:

“When you spend your hard-earned money with a life-affirming organization or a Christian business or ministry that aligns with your values, you're multiplying the impact that your dollar has and the opportunity they have to continue to thrive. In fact, every dollar that you have, or that passes through your hand, is truly just a temporary resource that you have been granted to steward. The question is, how good of a steward are you of that dollar?”


Christian Care Ministry encourages good stewardship of its members’ dollars by offering services to help members keep their out-of-pocket costs low, by partnering with preferred provider networks that offer savings to members as well as having direct contracts with other providers and provider groups, and by having a dedicated team that researches the best price for large medical needs. CCM also promotes healthy lifestyles that prevent expensive health care, continually works on process improvement to reduce waste, and its members have voted not to share in medical procedures that do not align with their faith.


There are even more exciting things on the horizon under Harvath’s leadership. If you are not already a member, there’s never been a better time to align your money with your values and see if Medi-Share may be right for you.


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