7 Money Saving Tips

Sep 8, 2015

Reading time: 2 Minutes

Everyone wants to save money. And no matter what the season, it's a great time to start putting extra cash aside. Here are a few financial tips from America's Christian Credit Union that will not only help you save money but also track where your money is going.


Tip #1: Pick one day of the month to pay all your bills. This way you can avoid “surprise” late charges. Staying on track with a plan for every money-making decision, regardless of how big or small, is the key to being a good steward.


Tip #2: Stop paying checking or debit card fees and open a free checking account with a financial institution that offers free checking like with America’s Christian Credit Union. Saving money where you can adds up over time, so why not take advantage of money-saving opportunities when you can?


Tip #3: Write a list of what you value. Spend money there and trim expenses everywhere else possible. Value your family’s healthcare? Check out Medi-Share, the biblical healthcare option that allows you to save money while helping other Christians.


Tip #4: Consider opening a savings account for a single purpose and “stash” away some extra money to prevent impulse spending. Staying in control and following a plan is not only good stewardship but also the mark of wisdom.


Tip #5: Bring your lunch from home and buy snacks in bulk to keep you from trips to the vending machine, and avoid spending extra money. Now your wallet can get fatter — not your waistline.


Tip #6: Try tracking every penny you spend for one week — you may be surprised to see how much money you’re investing in your coffee habit. Having a budget and sticking to the plan will help you track and save money.


Tip #7: Make sure you sign up for all the electronic services your financial institution offers. These savvy services save paper, time, and postage. Good for the environment and good for your wallet. Who can argue with that?


ACCU is a valued Medi-Share partner. Members have individual credit union accounts with ACCU strictly for the purpose of sharing directly with other members. We’re very blessed to have ACCU to make this process easier and more convenient for all our members.



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