Options for Seniors

Advantages of Medi-Share for Seniors


Simple to Use

When you have a medical need, just go to the doctor. Medi-Share members will share the portion of your bills that Medicare allows, but does not pay completely.


A Vast Network

Within this network, you have access to tens-of-thousands of fully licensed doctors, specialists, and hospitals.


Good Stewardship

Your healthcare dollars go to help other Christians, rather than funding medical choices that are not God-honoring.


A Proven Choice

The Medi-Share program has a proven track record of sharing for over 25 years.

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How Medi-Share Helps Seniors

Medi-Share members will share the portion of your eligible medical bills that Medicare allows but does not pay completely, including:

  • copayments

  • deductibles

  • hospitalization

  • skilled nursing facility care

  • out of country urgent care

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Monthly share amounts start at just $70/month

65-70 years old:   $70 per month
71-75 years old:    $85 per month
76 or older:           $95 per month

Medi-Share for Seniors 
Seniors participate as individuals and have a $1,250 AHP. For more information on how Medi-Share for Seniors  works, review the FAQs or Guidelines.

How to Join

The application process is quick and straight-forward. After completing your application, you’ll be able to pay your first Monthly Share and your membership will begin on the first of the following month.


1. Apply Online or by Phone

Simply complete the application online and submit the $50 non-refundable application fee. You may also call
(800) 772-5623 to complete an application by phone.


2. Submit Your First Monthly Share

You will receive your first month’s share notice once your payment is made and your membership will begin on the first of the following month. 

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