Medi-Share Value

A Choice Based Alternative to Health Insurance





Medi-Share Value

A Choice-Based Alternative to Health Insurance

Medi-Share Value is a self-pay program that offers you an affordable, choice-based alternative to health insurance. This program gives you the freedom of “choice” with provider quality and pricing insights.


Provider Choice

Our Provider search tool gives you price & quality insights


Easy Bill Reimbursement

No bill too large, 90% of bills are reimbursed within 30 days


24/7 Access to TeleHealth

On demand health care from the comfort of your home


Low Out-Of-Pocket Costs

$500 or $1000 IMR program options available


Navigation Team Support

Support for care that is costly or complex


Prescription, Dental, and Vision Discounts

Discount program saves you up to 60%

Medi-Share Value Member Savings


As a Medi-Share Value member you can take comfort in knowing that you have access to quality health care for a low out-of-pocket cost. With a low Initial Member Responsibility (IMR) of either $500 or $1000, you can save on your medical expenses. Our quick and easy bill reimbursement process assures that eligible bills will be reimbursed within 30 days. You submit easy bills like office visits, labs or imaging for reimbursement and have comfort knowing our Navigation Team supports your costly or complex care.

How It Works

Telehealth Visit

Easy to Use

  • Utilize Telehealth for non-emergent medical needs.
  • Use provider search tool for price and quality insights.
  • Navigation support for costly and complex care.
  • Self-pay for simple care and submit for reimbursement.

How Do I Know If Value Is Right For Me?

You are willing to...

  • Select doctors based on clear pricing estimates rather than their membership to a particular provider network.
  • Pay providers directly at the time of your visits.
  • Submit bills for reimbursement.
  • Have affordable, quality health care without additional perks that increase your monthly cost.

See What Our Members Are Saying

“If you are looking for affordable health care, don’t look any further.”
Whitney M. - Medi-Share Member
“We pay significantly less for medical care than health insurance.”
Colin M. - Medi-Share Member
“One of the best financial decisions we have ever made!”
Michelle H. - Small Business Owner