Medi-Share Value

A Self-Pay Reimbursement Approach To Health Care Sharing





Medi-Share Value

A Self-Pay Reimbursement Approach To Health Care Sharing

Medi-Share Value offers members a lower out-of-pocket in exchange for a more hands on health care experience. As a self-pay reimbursement program members are able to be more involved in the decision process for care allowing them to select the most affordable priced option that works for their budget.

Your Medi-Share Value membership includes:
Self-pay Discounts check-mark-icon
Healthcare Bluebook Fair Price* guidance check-mark-icon
Maternity Sharing check-mark-icon
Bill Reimbursement check-mark-icon
No Lifetime Or Annual Share Limits check-mark-icon
24/7 Access to Telehealth check-mark-icon
Sharing in TeleBehavorial Health check-mark-icon
Office Visits, Hospital, Surgical, ER check-mark-icon
Dental & Vision Discounts check-mark-icon
Referral Rewards check-mark-icon

Medi-Share Value is only available in the following states: Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and South Carolina. 

The Medi-Share Value Difference


Nationwide Provider Flexibility

No member card needed with freedom to visit any provider any time


Quick Bill Reimbursement

90% are reimbursed within 30 days


Individual Member Responsibility

$500 or $1000 (IMR) program options available

icon-medishare_telemental health-blue-1

Healthcare Bluebook*

You control your health care experience with insider knowledge to negotiate your cost savings


Patented MSE Technology

Technology designed to help you save time and money


98% Customer Satisfaction

Member Loyalty score is 2x the national industry average


Aligned With Your Values

Only share in health care that supports and honors biblical values

lock icon

No annual caps or lifetime limits

Eligible bills are shared at 100% after IMR is met (Maternity exceptions).


No Bill Too Large

$6.3 Billion shared and discounted since 1993

How Medi-Share Value Works

Telehealth Visit

Step 1

Schedule a TeleHealth visit.

How Medi-Share Value Works

Step 2

Step 2

If additional care is needed, use Healthcare Bluebook Fair Price* guidance to find a provider or procedure.

How Medi-Share Value Works

Step 3

Step 3

Complete Notification process.

*When applicable – Healthcare Bluebook will indicate when notification is needed. Notification is needed to ensure that our Navigation Team is there to provide support.

How Medi-Share Value Works

Cash Pay At Visit

Step 4

Ask your provider for a self-pay discount and pay at the time of the visit.

How Medi-Share Value Works

Woman mobile depositing her reimbursement check

Step 5

Submit bills for reimbursement.

How Do I Know If Value Is Right For Me?

You are willing to...

  • Select doctors based on clear pricing estimates rather than their membership to a particular provider network.
  • Pay providers directly at the time of your visits.
  • Submit bills for reimbursement.
  • Have affordable, quality health care without additional perks that increase your monthly cost.

See What Our Members Are Saying

“If you are looking for affordable health care, don’t look any further.”
Whitney M. - Medi-Share Member
“We pay significantly less for medical care than health insurance.”
Colin M. - Medi-Share Member
“One of the best financial decisions we have ever made!”
Michelle H. - Small Business Owner

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