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Christian employers save up to 50% on health care

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Health Care Your Team Can Depend On

Medi-Share for Groups is an affordable alternative to health insurance. We are a community of almost half a million Christians across America who share each other’s health care expenses. Since 1993, we have been faithfully serving churches, non-profits, and small businesses.


Medi-Share for Groups features new options for every employee. Inquire today to see why many employers are switching to this innovative health care solution to save money and provide a high-quality health care experience for their employees. 

A growing groups community.


 Groups Across America

Burdens are shared by Medi-Share members every month.

$5.2 Billion

Shared & Discouted

Medi-Share has a vast network of nationwide providers.


Nationwide Provider Network

See What Our Groups Are Saying


“Our savings have been substantial - at least a half a million dollars.”

 -Grace College 


“Each employee gets what's very best for them and their family.”

 -Remodel Health 


Medi-Share for Groups Features

Affordable Options

Affordable Options

Multiple Program Levels
Save 30-50% per month


Personalized Enrollment

Individual Sessions

Customized & Convenient


24/7/365 Telehealth

Unlimited Free Access

Board Certified Doctors


Additional Savings

Save on Prescriptions, Vision, and Dental 




900,000+ Providers in our Nationwide Network


Christian Community

Receive Prayer Support and Encouragement

Options For Your Entire Team

When you partner with Medi-Share for Groups, our team will work with you to ensure that each member of your team has an option that meets their specific needs. With Medi-Share for Groups you can:

  • Save 30-50% for your organization
  • Access flexible health care features
  • Empower your employees to choose
  • Select from multiple program levels
  • Enjoy one convenient Group bill 

Medi-Share for Groups is an Innovative Solution

Churches, small-businesses, and non-profits alike face challenges in providing affordable health care for their employees. Our solution is easy to use and seen as a proven alternative by those who use it. 



Medi-Share for Groups Brochure

Medi-Share Guidelines



How Medi-Share Works

Medi-Share members contribute a monthly amount called a share which is used to pay the medical needs of other members. Members also receive support and care from an authentic Christian community through prayer and by sharing notes of encouragement.

More About How Medi-Share Works




Medi-Share by the Numbers

  • Dependable option for more than 27 years
  • The largest health sharing organization with over 400,000 active members


  • Members have shared over $3.1 billion of medical expenses
  • 100% of eligible medical bills shared 

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Save 30-50%


Customized Care


"This is the greatest thing we have every experienced as far as saving money and providing service the way we need to do."

-Grace Village Retirement Community Center.


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