Medi-Share for Employers

A Health Care Solution For Employers

Medi-Share for Employers

A Health Care Solution For Employers

We help Christian employers save 30% or more on health costs

As a leader of a faith based organization, you want to provide your team with affordable health benefits. The problem is health insurance is more expensive than ever and doesn't address the individual needs of your team. That's where we come in.

We have exclusively partnered with Remodel Health logo platform to give you the freedom to allow your employees to choose which solution is best for their family while saving your organization thousands of dollars.

Success Story

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168 employees

$750K annual savings (projected savings $3M in four years)

Lowered exposure

Additional benefits

The state of the health insurance industry


Annual cost increases are unsustainable on top of costs that are already painful for organizations and their teams.


One size fits all insurance doesn’t actually fit all. Each employee and their family have different health care needs.

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Empower your employees to choose the best health options for them

Each employee gets to choose his or her own options that meets his or her needs, receiving amazing benefits at a lower cost.

Meals vs. Menus

Group insurance options are like getting chicken at a dinner party. Your preselected meal does not give you a choice. Through our innovative solution, a defined budget method is like looking at a menu and letting your employees decide what's best for each of them individually.

Old Way meals

Employers provide employees with one (maybe two) plan options from one provider




Employees are forced to take the provided plan if they want health insurance



Employers might pay a portion of the plan and employees must pay the rest



New Way menus

Employees presented with options that include Medi-Share and health insurance plans for those requiring an alternative to a health care sharing ministry


Employees may choose Medi-Share or an insurance plan to receive benefits that work for them and their family


Employers choose a budget and employees can add their own money as needed for their selected option


How We Help You Save

  1. Medi-Share Programs - We offer lower annual exposure and lower monthly costs within a national PPO network
  2. Platform approach - We unlock additional unique saving options for employees that are not available through group insurance plans
  3. Tax subsidies - 70% of all Americans qualify for insurance tax credits if they aren't offered group benefits.
  4. Spouse Plans - By not being offered a group plan from their employer, many employees can now join their spouse's benefit plan
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How the platform works

After you sign up, you'll receive a custom dashboard that will allow your employees to pick which health solution is the best option for their family. This process is supported by one on one enrollment/onboarding conversations with each employee. Going forward, the platform keeps everything organized for you by sending a single bill and auto-deducting from payroll each employee's monthly share payments (for Medi-Share) or premium (if the employee selected insurance).


Medi-Share Employer Program

Affordable Options

Affordable Options

Multiple Program Levels
Save 30-50% per month


Personalized Enrollment

Individual Sessions         Customized & Convenient


24/7/365 Telehealth

Unlimited Free Access               Board Certified Doctors


Additional Savings

Save on Prescriptions, Vision, and Dental 




900,000+ Providers in our Nationwide Network


Christian Community

Receive Prayer Support and Encouragement

How Can You Save?


Contact Our Team


Save 30-50%


Customized Care

We can help you determine how much you could potentially save within 24 hours from our first conversation.

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