Co-Share by Medi-Share

Introducing Co-Sharea faster way to meet your AHP with lower monthly share pricing.

Co-Share is available at either the $3,000, $6,000, or $9,000 Annual Household Portion (AHP). With Co-Share, once you reach your Annual Household Portion, your Eligible Bills (above the $3K or $6K AHP) will be shared in a 70/30 split (70% Medi-Share members and 30% by you) until you reach your maximum Co-Share amount of $10K for the AHP year.


Co-Share is available at both the $3,000, $6,000, and $9,000 AHP levels.


Annual Household Portion Monthly Share Discount

15% off your Monthly Share!




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Co-Share gives you the flexibility to start sharing your family's medical costs sooner.




Frequently Asked Questions

Is Everyone Eligible For Co-Sharing?

Yes! New and current members are eligible to join our Co-Sharing program. The only requirement is that you must be on either the $3K AHP or the $6K AHP level.

Does my AHP contribute to my total annual responsibility?

Yes! If, for example, you are on the $3K AHP then meeting that requirement also counts toward your total member responsibility. Eligible Bills for sharing above $3K or $6K would be shared (70% by Medi-Share members and 30% by you) until your maximum Co-Share of $10K is met in a calendar year.

When can I switch to the Co-Sharing program?

Current members may switch to the Co-Sharing program at any time. Just contact a Medi-Share representative and we'll walk you through the process.