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How do Annual Physicals work with Medi-Share?

One annual physical per member is eligible for sharing. A provider will bill Medi-Share for the annual physical and associated labs for cholesterol and diabetes screening and those bills will be processed. 

Why Mental Health Matters in the Body of Christ

I have struggled with my mental health most of my life and telling my story is one of the hardest things that I do. But I tell it for a reason: to help remove that stigma and show it’s not something that needs to be pushed into the dark, shadowed corners. 

What is Life Insurance and Why is it Important?

Life insurance can provide financial support that extends far beyond the cost of an average funeral or burden of debt. 

How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Recognizing and controlling a sugar addiction can set your mind and body free from undesirable side effects. Discover six simple tips to help you kick that sugar habit and shift your focus away from food.



How Does Gratitude Impact Your Wellness Journey?

Discover the profound benefits of gratitude on well-being. Explore how thankfulness in all circumstances enriches life and strengthens faith.



How to Guide Your Teen Toward Financial Literacy

Unlock essential money management skills for teens, from smart spending to managing loans. Get tips to guide your teen toward financial independence.



How to Understand the Difference Between Muscle Soreness and Injury Pain

Learn the difference between muscle soreness and injury pain during workouts. Understand whether your experience of pain is leading to tissue damage and how you can adjust your workout to support muscle growth.


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