Medi-Share Partner Program

Helping faith-based organizations increase their impact



Together We Can Accomplish More

We created our Partner Program so that we can work alongside faith-based organizations just like yours. We desire to help expand your efforts and significantly multiply our collective impact. We see that you're already doing great work for the kingdom. Imagine how much more we could accomplish together.


The Medi-Share partner program helps faith-based organizations...


Create Awareness


Promote Growth


Earn Incentives


 Kingdom Impact


Why Partner With Medi-Share?

When we use the word partner, we take the relationship and responsibility seriously. We create value for our partners and their audiences who help us expand the Medi-Share community, evolve as an organization, and further our Kingdom Impact.


  Through our Partner Program, we pledge to help our partners regain and repurpose $100 million dollars to power their vision and multiply their kingdom impact both locally and around the globe.”  –Marq James, CMO


Transforming society through the biblical model of sharing is fundamental to who we are at Medi-Share. Providing our partners and their customers access to an innovative health care alternative is our passion. Join us to help Christians across the nation know about Medi-Share – the leader in health care sharing. You will be glad you did. There are two partner tiers available.





Affinity Partner


Medi-Share's Affinity Program

The perfect entry path for initiating a partnership with Medi-Share. As an Affinity Partner, we will support you by providing:

5ca6b903-img-checkmark_101p01m000000000000028Digital promotional collateral

5ca6b903-img-checkmark_101p01m000000000000028Customized landing pages

5ca6b903-img-checkmark_101p01m000000000000028Co-branded marketing assets

5ca6b903-img-checkmark_101p01m000000000000028Dedicated Partner Liaison

5ca6b903-img-checkmark_101p01m000000000000028Referral rewards




Ambassador Partner



In addition to the offerings at the Affinity level, Ambassador Partners have access to higher levels of participation as well as greater opportunity for collaboration and customization. Many of our partners start at the Affinity level and ascend to Ambassador status enjoying:

5ca6b903-img-checkmark_101p01m000000000000028All Affinity Partner features

5ca6b903-img-checkmark_101p01m000000000000028Opportunities for deeper customization

5ca6b903-img-checkmark_101p01m000000000000028New Member Team to spearhead communications

5ca6b903-img-checkmark_101p01m000000000000028Referral rewards that grow with our partnership





Shared Values + Partnership

If you’re interested in joining either of our Partner Programs, we’d be happy to discuss them further with you. 

To get started, just fill out the form below and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.