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Missionaries have unique health care needs. Medi-Share has the solution.

International missionaries face a number of challenges, including finding a health care option that works for them and their families. 

At Medi-Share, we've designed our programs to give you the health care you need - where you need it! Whether that is in your home base in the United States or overseas, Medi-Share has affordable health care options for you with no dedicated end date.


Medi-Share loves missionaries

Our members have brought the gospel to countries all around the world


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Medi-Share Members Enjoy

  • A Global Christian Community
  • No Lapse in Membership while Traveling/Moving
  • Quick Member Reimbursement
  • Applications Accepted All Year
  • No Annual Caps, Lifetime Limits or Re-Qualification
  • No Bill Too Large
  • 50% Savings on Monthly Health Care Costs
  • Health Care that Supports Biblical Values

How Medi-Share works

Medi-Share members contribute a monthly amount called a “share” which is used to pay for the medical needs of other members. As a community of believers, Medi-Share only shares bills that are aligned with Christian values and every member gets to vote on the program guidelines.

For International Missionaries:


Recieve Care

Path 7517

Self Pay

Path 7517

Submit Eligible Bills for Reimbursement

For Domestic Missionaries:


Receive Care

Path 7517

Pay Provider Fee

Path 7517

Eligible Bills will be Shared by Fellow Members

You can get a more detailed look at how Medi-Share works on our Summary of Sharing breakdown.

I wanted to take a minute and share my story and testimony around my experience with Medi-Share. I am a Missionary and have worked in the mission field in the US and abroad for over 18 years.. I did not have any health issues till this March of 2020. It was a very scary and faith-building experience with 3 ER visits, 2 hospital stays, 2 surgeries, 8 blood transfusions, and recovering from a blood clot in my lung. The bills seemed so large but I followed what Medi-Share asked me to do to have the hospital submit the bills. I would see shareable portions of bills being paid and checks sent to the Doctors and hospitals and be so thankful every time I would see a portion of the bills paid. GOD MADE A WAY… Through Medi-Share, through Medi-Share members, and through God’s provision, I owe a reasonable doable amount!!! This is a very Christ-centered way of medical cost assistance.

- Stephanie


Join Medi-Share, the leading Health Care Sharing Ministry.

There is no enrollment window with Medi-Share. You can sign up at any time,
no special circumstances are required.

We’d love to talk to you!

(855) 497-4273 

Representatives are available

Monday - Friday, 8 am - 9 pm EST

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Missionaries Serving Domestically:

How does it work?

During a medical event, members who visit a doctor in-person will be asked to pay a provider fee. Once the member has reached their Annual Household Portion (AHP), all eligible medical expenses will be shared by fellow members. 

How are medical bills handled?

Medi-Share negotiates discounts on your behalf. Our team works directly with providers to facilitate payment. 

For Missionaries Serving Internationally:

How does it work?

During a medical event, members may go to any doctor to receive the care they need. They will identify as a cash-pay patient and pay for the visit out of pocket. Once the member has reached their Annual Household Portion (AHP), all eligible medical expenses may be submitted for reimbursement. 

How Do I Submit Medical Bills For Reimbursement?

Members have access to an online form which can be downloaded and sent into Medi-Share for reimbursement. If the bill is in a language other than English, the member must transcribe the bill. If the bill is in another currency other than USD, the bill must also be converted. 

How Will I Receive My Reimbursement? 

A check will be mailed to the member or the person responsible for handling their expenses while serving overseas. 

Are there term limits?

No! There is no lapse in membership while traveling or moving, therefore you can have Medi-Share for as long as you choose.