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When Medi-Share members want to tell the story of their experience with us, we listen. When they say they are blessed by being members of a health care sharing ministry and glad to no longer have to deal with insurance companies, we want to share their story. We invite you to listen to our members’ testimonies as to how they are blessed by our Christian community, our stand for only sharing in Eligible Medical Bills that reflect a Biblical lifestyle, and when they call for customer service – the representative offers to pray with them. Take a listen to these Medi-Share reviews and reimagine your health care.



Brandi Maige | Nashville, TN 


Devastation fell over the Maige family after hearing Brandy's diagnosis was cancer. She shares in her Medi-Share review that the world stopped and her head spun with all of the things people think about when hearing the word cancer. Brandi's and her family received prayer, also their medical needs financially provided for. 


Ocieanna | Maple Valley, WA


Here at Medi-Share, we appreciate our members. We know their Medi-Share reviews inspire others. A few years ago, Ocieanna went under cardiac arrest. During this episode, they were struggling financially and were worried about their medical bill. After their portion was paid, the rest of their medical bills were covered. Life brings unexpected struggles, but our God is bigger than what we encounter. 


Pastor Ariel | Ft. Worth, TX


We are a community of believers who shares our lives, faith, talents, resources, just like they did in the book of Acts. Pastor Ariel shares his happiness in this Medi-Share review. They choose Medi-Share because it met their budget and beliefs. Now they pay a third of what they used to pay. 

Jordan Hess | Homer, AK


Each of us has a different journey but all the same mission, to serve God and His people. At Medi-Share, we understand that each journey is significant. Jordan Hess shares his Medi-Share review on his battle with stage 4 cancer. His story is a testament to his trust in God and the support of the Medi-Share community. We are always praying for our members. 

The Hughes Family | Melbourne, FL


We are so grateful for our members and we love to hear what God has done for their family. With Medi-Share reviews, we rejoice in how each members’ Monthly Share contributes to a family’s needs. The Hughes Family experienced an unexpected emergency with their beautiful baby girl on the day of her birth. Our staff and members prayed for the Hughes and sent letters of encouragement directly to the family. Together we are Medi-Share. Thank you, Hughes Family, for your encouraging Medi-Share Review. 

The Molyneaux Family | Georgia


Dayna was not aware of her preexisting conditions before joining Medi-Share. She was not able to tend to her daily tasks due to the amounts of pain she experienced. Tim shares in this Medi-Share Review that they decided to take out a Medical loan. Their medical bills were almost $10,000, but through Extra Blessings, they received the money back in full. 

The Sokic Family | Franklin, TN


Medi-Share members are family, so everyone’s story matters. We love it when members share their authentic Medi-Share reviews. The Sokic family uses Medi-Share as their healthcare sharing ministry. Within their first two years of being members, they had their first child and also adopted. Their medical needs were met and shared by the Medi-Share community. We are thankful to the Sokic Family for sharing their Medi-Share Review with us. 

The Fernandez Family | Lutz, FL


When health insurance costs rose 300% for Jose and Estrella Fernandez’ business, they looked into Medi-Share and felt that it was not only affordable, but it also aligned with their values. They trusted God with their business and with their lives. It was no different when Jose was diagnosed with cancer. The tender care they received with Medi-Share staff members while navigating his treatment and the diligent prayer was overwhelming. They want to share their story with you and pray your will consider becoming members too. 

Bobby & Sandra | Ranch Owners


Our members mean the world to us, and we thank God for them. Sandra experienced unexpected health conditions causing her to go under coma for 8 days. 43 days later, she was released from ICU. Sandra and Bobby share their first medical emergency in this Medi-Share Review. Their medical bills have been over a million dollars, still, but everything was taken care of by the Medi-Share community. What a blessing. 

The Badger Family 


In this Medi-Share review, the Badger Family talks about their relationship with God and the process of healing during their daughter's diagnosis of Spina Bifida. Their personal experience with the Medi-Share Membership during trying times brought a feeling of comfort and relief. Medi-Share Members have the distinct privilege of being a part of this healing, and we praise God for bringing together this community. 

Jason & Bethany | Georgia


We care for each other at Medi-Share. One example shows through our Extra Blessings program. This Medi-Share Review shows how Extra Blessings makes such an impact on our families. Bethany stated that at a time in their lives when we needed hope the most, Medi-Share instilled in them another level of faith. Extra Blessings gave Bethany and her family a new understanding, Medi-Share is not just about getting their bills paid, but about sharing in their community. 

The Blinn Family | Arlington, TX


We are so happy to serve our members. Joan and Rick share their Medi-Share Review with so much joy. They came to Medi-Share for the simplicity of the program. They later found out Joan had cancer. In that season, they sought the Lord every step of the way. It only took six months for cancer to leave her body. “In these situations, you can either choose to trust God or be fearful.” Through everything, they both agree that Medi-Share is the program for their family. 

Jon Humphreys | Pensacola, FL


Jon was hit by a drunk driver a few days before his 19th birthday. Due to the accident, Jon spent 18 days in the hospital. A few years later, John met the incarcerated drunk driver. This Medi-Share review is so touching, with an unbelievable ending. We are so grateful to assist our member's needs.

Steve Saint | Ocala, FL


We are highlighting the Medi-Share review from our member, Steve Saint. He is one example of how God works through our members, and how we make it a priority to be there for them in time of emergency. Steve Saint’s story is incredible. While helping the very tribe that killed his father, an aircraft wing demolished and hit him directly on the head, causing a significant spinal injury. Even through the hard times, The Saint family agreed that working with Medi-Share was a joy from start to finish. 

The McDaniels Family | Texas


We thank God for our members and for His trust in us to do the job in our calling. The McDaniel Family shares their Medi-Share review on how they found our healthcare sharing ministry. After doing research, they were pleased to know that they would not only get their medical bills paid but also contribute to someone else’s without violating their core values or Christian beliefs. We make this a priority. Together we are Medi-Share. 

Ocieanna | Maple Valley, WA


Here at Medi-Share, we appreciate our members. We know their Medi-Share reviews inspire others. A few years ago, Ocieanna went under cardiac arrest. During this episode, they were struggling financially and were worried about their medical bill. After their portion was paid, the rest of their medical bills were covered. Life brings unexpected struggles, but our God is bigger than what we encounter. 

The Schlitz Family


God led the Schlitz Family to Medi-Share. They share their Medi-Share review on how convictions led them to leave their traditional health insurance for Medi-Share. "We stand for life together with the Medi-Share community, Paul Schlitz declares, as he explains why they joined Medi-Share. The family also tells their story of their oldest son, Harry, needing an emergency appendectomy and how the Medi-Share community was there to support them throughout their medical emergency. We are thankful for all of our families. 

The Drake Family | Winter Park, FL


The Drake family had no idea that Medi-Share existed but were thrilled when they found it. A few months after joining their newborn son had to have open-heart surgery. During this time, Medi-Share called to offer prayer. Thank you, Drake family, for sharing your Medi-Share Review. 

Judah Humphrey | Pensacola, FL


Our members mean the world to us, and so do their Medi-Share Reviews. We love to hear their encouraging real-life experiences. Rick and Pam’s youngest son, Judah, was having pain around his knee, so they took him to the doctor. The doctors found that the pain came from a brain tumor. While Judah was in the hospital, they received multiple gifts and letters from other members. It is so great to be a member of Medi-Share.

The Knewtson Family | Kansas 


Jeremy and Sharon share in their Medi-Share review that they were nervous because Medi-Share states that is not insurance. They did not experience any medical issues until their baby girl was born. Her body was not growing with her age, so they suspected something was wrong. They spent a week in a children’s hospital, going through different cat scans and medical scans. They were nervous about their bill but later found out that everything was covered. 

The Mattingly Family | Wichita, KS


The Mattingly Family has done their research. They are so happy with their conclusion, Medi-Share is the place for them. They are pleased with the simplicity that comes with being a member of Medi-Share, yet it is still so personable. Every year they compare prices of different healthcare sharing options, Medi-Share continues to rise to the top for the family. We are so grateful for the Mattingly’s Medi-Share Review. 

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