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"I was extremely blessed to work with a health coach who was professional, well-informed and thorough. More than that, she exuded God's love as she motivated me to change the way I ate. I have NEVER been able to lose weight consistently and keep it off before in my life. But the nutrient dense diet plans have not only brought the weight loss, but a significant lowering of cholesterol which was the original goal! I am so grateful! What appeared a burden was actually a gift from God for real life change!”

- Elizabeth A. from Rockledge, FL

What is the Health Partnership program?

The Health Partnership Program is a Member-Voted Guideline initiative designed to provide our members the support and resources they need to lead the long, healthy, and happy lives God intended.

The Bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. God cares deeply about our health, and it's up to us to not only be healthy in our faith but healthy with our bodies as well. We want you to live a fulfilling life both physically and spiritually.



What do I get as a Health Partnership member?

A healthier body and soul starts with small changes that become lifelong healthy habits.

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Certified Health Coach

Get free and unlimited access to Christian health coaches who can guide you in your health journey. Our coaches have expertise in nutrition, physical fitness, behavior change, and lifestyle medicine. 


Personalized Goal Setting

Goals are essential to every health journey, but it’s important to set milestones that are both aspirational and attainable. With the help of our health coaches, you’ll always be working toward the next step.


Meal Planning

Diet plays the most important role in your health journey. Health Partners have access to exclusive meal plans to help them move away from damaging eating habits and toward a healthier lifestyle.

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Health Portal

Full of everything you need to stay on track with your health journey. Your team of coaches and Dietitians have created free meal guides, exercise routines, and delicious recipes just for you!  


Fun Fitness Challenges

Health Partnership members that love a little healthy competition will enjoy participating in regular fitness challenges with their fellow Health Partners and coaches.



No one should have to take their health journey alone. You’ll have a network of other believers at your back, cheering you on and helping you attain your fitness goals.


Meet Your Health Coaches

As a member of the Health Partnership program, you’ll receive personal access to our team of certified health coaches. Together, they will help you define your goals, make a plan, and follow through. Our coaches are excited to work with you, your schedule, and your lifestyle to get you feeling your best.

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About Health Partnership Enrollment

If a health risk factor was identified in your Medi-Share application, you will be automatically enrolled in the program along with the standard $99 member fee.

There are currently two tracks of the program:

  1. Health Partner: for those with elevated risk factors like hypertension, high cholesterol, BMI/waist circumference and other localized health conditions, like sleep apnea, bowel, and autoimmune disorders.
  2. Health Partner Disease Reversal: for those with a chronic disease that is systemic, such as cardiac conditions, liver disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Health Partners may graduate from the program and have the monthly $99 Health Partnership fee removed by achieving set goals that are verified annually with lab work and verification forms.


Does the program really work?

Yes! The Health Partnership Program has been life-changing for those who have stuck with the program and graduated. On average, members typically graduate within 4-6 months and see significant improvement in a number of key metrics:

  • 10% weight loss (average tenure was 4 months)
  • 9% reduction in waist size
  • 10% lower blood sugar
  • 9% lower systolic blood pressure (SBP)
  • 13% lower diastolic blood pressure (DBP)
  •  28% lower LDL
  • 45% lower Triglycerides

It’s not uncommon for members to see their Total Cholesterol drop by 100 points in 6 weeks when they aggressively pursue the therapeutic lifestyle changes we promote.

At first, when I found out I had to do this Health Partnership, I was embarrassed and it hurt my feelings. However, I knew I needed some accountability and now I am so glad I have lost weight and have this lifestyle change. This has been a blessing in my life and I appreciate that Christian Care has this program.

Janet from Villa Rica, GA

I left my doctor’s appointment in March praising the Lord for Medi-Share and my coach. My blood pressure and cholesterol numbers were better than they have been in several years. The nurse even commented on my excellent numbers. Every phone call I received from Medi-Share ended with a prayer. How good it is to hear the caring in their voices and the Holy Spirit using them as encouragers. There are just too many good things to say. Thank you for letting the Lord use you in this ministry!

J. Bowell, IA

My coach helped me a great deal not only with changing my eating and exercise habits but with my emotional and spiritual needs as well. Her gentle guidance showed me how to make the changes necessary and more importantly, to WANT to continue with those changes. The Health Partnership program is the finest health and fitness program I have ever participated in. I thank God every day for friends guiding me to the Medi-Share Ministry.

Susan from Cottonwood, AZ
Why is there a Health Partnership program?

Medi-Share members voted in 2003 to allow applicants with increased health risks to participate in a Health Partnership program rather than be ineligible for Medi-Share membership. Research shows certain conditions can be reversed or prevented through therapeutic lifestyle changes. By reversing and/or preventing certain diseases, people are able to live healthier and fuller lives.

When the overall Medi-Share membership is healthier, Medi-Share becomes even more affordable for our members as a health care alternative.  

Beyond the goal of making Medi-Share an affordable option for as many people as possible, we also believe that God calls us to steward our bodies well, honoring His temple with the lifestyle choices we make.

How do I begin my Health Partnership journey?

  • Want Personalized Coaching?  Click here to schedule your first phone appointment.
  • Want to Work Independently?  Go to the member center and click on the Health Portal button.
Participation because of a health indicator?  If you are only in the program because of a health condition or certain diagnosis, the program requires three coaching calls and submission of metrics and lab work in order to graduate.  Click here to schedule your first phone appointment.
What kind of support is included in the online Health Portal?
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 
  • One-on-one telephonic health coaching for goal setting and accountability 
  • Meal plans and nutrition guides created by a Registered Dietitian 
  • Exercise plans designed by certified personal trainers
  • Exclusive online health education portal from a Biblical foundation 
  • Fitness wearable devices and fitness challenges 
  • Biblical perspective, encouragement and prayer
What can I expect if I choose to work with a health coach?

After setting up the online profile, members will begin by using the Health Portal to select their level of nutrition and their level of activity. Members may schedule an appointment at their convenience with a health coach to set goals, create a wellness vision and establish a plan for the road ahead.

What is the Self-Guided Health Partnership option?

The Self-Guided option lets Health Partners work independently if they so choose. Many members appreciate the option to set and reach goals with little follow-up. This is a good opportunity to test the program, while still having access to personal coaching if needed.  

The monthly $99 fee enables Health Partners to access the online Portal to continually set goals, monitor progress and access our full library of health resources. 

What if I choose Self-Guided and then later need extra help?

They are welcome to contact the Health & Wellness Department with questions or to initiate a more structured coaching relationship.

Who is eligible to appeal the Health Partnership Program?

Medi-Share Applicants or Members who are in the Health Partnership program for hypertension, high cholesterol or have an athletic build may submit metrics for review to appeal the program. If you omitted metrics or want to provide updated metrics or labs, Health and Wellness department will review your details, once you submit this form

  • High blood pressure that is medicated or un-medicated and in an optimal range. Optimal range for blood pressure is according to the AHA.
  • High cholesterol that is medicated or un-medicated and is in a normal range. Normal range for cholesterol is according to the CDC.
  • Muscular or athletic builds, may require a more detailed calculation than BMI (body mass index). If you omitted the additional measurements during the application that are used to calculate body composition, please use the form above to submit those measurements.
How do I graduate and have the fee removed?
  1. Submit self-reported weight, waist, blood pressure verification and lab work for cholesterol and HbA1c demonstrating that you have achieved the Health Partnership goals using this form.
  2. Verify 12 months post-graduation for a period of three years. If any of the re-verification metrics are not in line, you will be re-enrolled in the Health Partnership Program and the $99 per month fee will be added to your monthly share notice. Upon the subsequent graduation, the three-year verification process will restart.
What happens if there is more than one Health Partner in the same household?

The Health Partnership program has one $99 fee for the entire household. The fee is removed when all Health Partners graduate from the program.

Do I have to get labs and/or go to my Doctor?

Health Partners are required to verify and submit laboratory results in order to graduate, as well as by the anniversary of your graduation, until your Annual Verification timeframe has been completed. If you do not already have an inexpensive means of obtaining a venous blood draw, please consider using a direct access Laboratory.

The Cholesterol Panel and HbA1c/A1c/Glycohemoglobin cost should be less than $60. Your lab work is a cost that you will be responsible for as members do not share in well-patient laboratory work, including when you pre-pay for lab discounts. These discounted services are not part of our PPO network and the savings are usually only available when you pay upfront and a doctor is not involved.

The verification form for height, weight, waist size, and Blood Pressure can be witnessed by a family member who knows or understands how to properly measure. You can also use a medical professional such as a: Fire Fighter, EMT, Chiropractor, RN, NP, CPT, etc. Complete instructions are included on the form.

What if I don't achieve the goals?

The online resources and coaching support we offer have an excellent track record for successfully helping members graduate. The $99 fee remains in place until the Health Partner(s) is able to reach the goals outlined in the agreement, regardless of how long it takes. This fee enables members to continue to access the support materials long-term to help them reach their goals.