Health Partnership

Medi-Share offers support to members from a Biblical perspective to help them reach program goals so they can live more enriched lives. Health Partners have access to a Wellness Portal, telephone based coaching, and education to members.



The Health Partnership Program supports healthy living with the ultimate purpose of equipping members to do more for the kingdom of God.

The goal of the program is to promote stewardship across all areas of life including: spiritual, physical, social, financial and relational. 




A Health Partner must participate because of specific health factors identified in the application process. The details of each Health Partnership are outlined in the agreements linked below:

  1. Health Partner: for those with elevated risk factors
  2. Health Partner Disease Reversal: for those with a diagnosed disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, Liver disorders, etc.

The Health Partnership and/or Health Partnership Disease Reversal fee is $99 per month in addition to the monthly share.

In order to be eligible to graduate and have the fee removed, the program goals must be achieved (and labs/verification forms submitted). Annual verification is required for all Health Partner Graduates.



*Our coaches offer recommendations for therapeutic lifestyle changes. Always consult your Physician before adopting any kind of diet, exercise or medical program.