Health Partnership


Health Partnership

The Health Partnership Program is a member-voted initiative, designed to support the entire Medi-Share member body in glorifying the Lord in bodily stewardship. This program supports healthy living and stewardship across all areas of life with the purpose of equipping members to do more for the kingdom of God.  An emphasis is placed on lifestyles that prevent catastrophic medical events – especially for members who may be predisposed to such events. By positively impacting the health of our Members, the heartache of preventable major disease will be reduced, medical bills will decrease, and overall Annual Household Portions will remain low.




If a health risk factor was identified in your Medi-Share application, you will have access to our Health and Wellness team and resources. We’re excited about the opportunity to support you in your health journey! We have helped many members achieve the goals required in the Health Partnership Program, enabling them to graduate and have the monthly $99 fee removed from their Monthly Share.




The details of both Health Partnership programs are outlined in the agreements linked below:

  1. Health Partner: for those with elevated risk factors
  2. Health Partner Disease Reversal: for those with a diagnosed disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, liver disorders, etc.

To graduate from either program and have the $99 Health Partner monthly fee removed, the program goals must be achieved and verified annually with lab work and verification forms.

Our Health Coaches

Our coaches offer recommendations and support for therapeutic lifestyle changes. Meet our Health Coaches.


NOTE: Always consult your physician before adopting any kind of diet, exercise, or medical program.