Health Partnership


Health Partnership

The Health Partnership Program is a member-voted initiative, designed to support the entire Medi-Share member body in glorifying the Lord in bodily stewardship. This program supports healthy living and stewardship across all areas of life with the purpose of equipping members to do more for the kingdom of God.  An emphasis is placed on lifestyles that prevent catastrophic medical events – especially for members who may be predisposed to such events. By positively impacting the health of our Members, the heartache of preventable major disease will be reduced, medical bills will decrease, and overall Annual Household Portions will remain low.




If a health risk factor was identified in your Medi-Share application, you will have access to our Health and Wellness team and resources. We’re excited about the opportunity to support you in your health journey! We have helped many members achieve the goals required in the Health Partnership Program, enabling them to graduate and have the monthly $99 fee removed from their Monthly Share.




The details of both Health Partnership programs are outlined in the agreements linked below:

  1. Health Partner: for those with elevated risk factors
  2. Health Partner Disease Reversal: for those with a diagnosed disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, liver disorders, etc.

To graduate from either program and have the $99 Health Partner monthly fee removed, the program goals must be achieved and verified annually with lab work and verification forms.


Our Health Coaches

Our coaches offer recommendations and support for therapeutic lifestyle changes. Meet our Health Coaches.

NOTE: Always consult your physician before adopting any kind of diet, exercise, or medical program.


Health Partnership FAQS

Why is there a Health Partnership program?

The Health Partnership program is a member-voted initiative designed to support healthy living with the ultimate purpose of being able to do more for the kingdom of God.  Through Medi-Share, Members choose to share their resources with like-minded fellow believers who have agreed on a specific set of biblical values and lifestyle behaviors.  Christian Care Ministry’s Health Partnership program offers support, coaching, education, and advice to members from a Biblical perspective to help members reach their individual health potential so they can live more enriched lives. 

The goal of the Health Partnership Program is to promote stewardship across all areas of life including:  spiritual, physical, mental, social, financial, and relational.  This allows us to live out the mission and vision of CCM and to share even more with fellow believers.   

Christian Care Ministry Mission: Connecting people to a Christ-centered community wellness experience based on faith, prayer, and personal responsibility.

I am a new Health Partner. What Can I Expect?


WANT PERSONALIZED COACHING?      Contact us to work with a Coach.
1. Use this link to schedule your first phone appointment (EST).
2. Once here, you will "create an id" and click on "Schedule Now."
3. Here you will schedule a coaching call by choosing "Show All" to choose a coach based on their availability for your call.
WANT TO WORK INDEPENDENTLY?      Use Our Self-Guided Program.
No need to contact us. Once you "Register," login and take the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment and start using the Health Resources available to you.
If at any time you decide to work with a Coach, use the link to schedule.
PARTICIPATION BECAUSE OF A HEALTH INDICATOR? If you are only in the program because of a condition like heart disease or autoimmune condition:
The program requires three coaching contacts and submission of measurements and lab work in order to graduate. Use the "Want Personalized Coaching" instructions above.

Does it work?

Yes! Historically, participation in a Health Partnership Program has been life changing for many of our members who have graduated from the program:

·         10% weight loss (average tenure was 4 months)

·         9% reduction in waist size

·         10% lower blood sugar

·         9% lower SBP

·         13% lower DBP

·         28% lower LDL

·         45% lower Triglycerides

·         It’s not uncommon for members to see their Total Cholesterol drop by 100 points in 6 weeks when they aggressively pursue the therapeutic lifestyle changes we promote.

It’s important to note that these results are primarily attributed to therapeutic lifestyle changes which focus on balance in all areas of life including nutrition, exercise, relationships, core beliefs, recreation, financial stewardship, vocation, and spiritual health.

As a ministry, we have seen that the medical spending of our Health Partnership members is ½ as much as non-Health Partnership members in year four following their graduation. This truly reflects the direct connection between our health and our medical costs.

What kind of support is included online?

The online portal experience offers:

Health assessment- Your input and results personalize the online experience to make the platform more relevant.

Articles, audio and video– Unbiased, scientifically based content.

On-line Biblically-based lessons - Journal around major life themes: Spiritual Life, False Core Beliefs, Vocation, Relationships, Recreation, Sleep, Exercise, Financial Health and Nutrition.

Health challengesCompete against the online community around specific health topics.

Integration of wearables – Sync your activity, participate in challenges and increase your wellness score with a Fitbit.

Email support – Recipes, fitness tips, and featured content related to specific conditions.

Coaching – Certified Health Coaches available to work with you as co-strategist and educator.

What can I expect If I choose to work with a coach?

The Health Partnership program is designed to promote healthy life stewardship.  We take into consideration lifestyle, schedule, and personal motivation.  Members can work with a coach long term, for just a few calls, and/or independently in our Self-Guided approach, which uses online health and educational resources.  

In the first month, members can expect support to: log in, navigate the online portal, take the Health Assessment, review the assessment report, create a wellness vision and establish 3 month goals.

In the first three months, members can expect to achieve 70% of their 3 month goals and be more confident and excited to explore new areas of health stewardship. 

What is the Self-Guided Health Partnership option?

The Self-Guided option offers Health Partners to work independently. Many members appreciate the option to set and reach goals with little follow-up.  This is a good opportunity to test the waters, while still having access to personal coaching if needed.  The monthly $99 fee enables Health Partners to access the online Portal to continue set goals, monitor progress and access educational resources.  

Schedule with a Health Coach by visiting our Member Center, if you would like to participate in Coaching. In the beginning of the program, Coaching can help participants get started, as well as understand their goals and the resources available (online Portal/over the phone). 

What if I choose Self-Guided and then later need extra help?

Health Partners in the Self-Guided approach can schedule with a Health Coach anytime, by visiting the Member Center. They are welcome to contact the Health & Wellness Department (ext. 7004) with questions or to initiate a more structured coaching relationship.

About Exercise

The American College of Sports Medicine and American Heart Association both recommend 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, 5 days per week, as well as 2-3 full body strength training sessions per week (8-10 exercises, 8-12 reps), and stretching/range of motion exercise. Those with known disease such as type 2 diabetes or with other health indicators are encouraged to do more — as much as 60 - 90 minutes of exercise each day. For more information visit our Fitness section of the Wellness Library.

About Nutrition

The Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard School of Public Health all promote a diet rich in whole, nutrient dense, plant-based foods, including fruit, berries, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, healthy oils, and legumes. When it comes to reversing disease like type 2 diabetes or heart disease, rather than merely slowing its progress or managing it, nationally-recognized experts in lifestyle interventions for disease reversal, strongly advocate a 100% whole food, nutrient-dense, plant-based diet. ( Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D., Dean Ornish, M.D., John McDougall, M.D., and David DeRose, M.D.) For more information visit our Nutrition section of the Wellness Library.


“The Health Partnership program has dramatically changed my exercise and eating habits. My coach was very helpful and a real pleasure to work with. In a few short weeks, I was able to lose 25 pounds and lower my bad cholesterol significantly. I was a skeptic at first but have learned that with a few adjustments, bad habits can be changed permanently. If I can do it, anyone can!” Martin from Phoenix, AZ

“I would not have considered paying money over the last year for such a service, but looking back, I have gained knowledge and confidence that is well worth it.” Christopher from KS

“At first, when I found out I had to do this Health Partnership, I was embarrassed and it hurt my feelings. However, I knew I needed some accountability and now I am so glad I have lost weight and have this lifestyle change. This has been a blessing in my life and I appreciate that Christian Care has this program.” Janet from Villa Rica, GA

“I left my doctor’s appointment in March praising the Lord for Medi-Share and my coach. My blood pressure and cholesterol numbers were better than they have been in several years. The nurse even commented on my excellent numbers. Every phone call I received from Medi-Share ended with a prayer. How good it is to hear the caring in their voices and the Holy Spirit using them as encouragers. There are just too many good things to say. Thank you for letting the Lord use you in this ministry!” J. Bowell from IA

“Only God can restore a person to sanity and in the area of eating I needed a miracle. The Health Partnership program was God’s answer to my prayer. I tried everything in my own strength and was a dismal failure. But with the help of a Coach, I was able to make a radical lifestyle change in the area of eating. I have lost 30 pounds, I am never hungry and I feel great! I value the encouragement of my coach, so very much! Her knowledge, experience, and faith have been invaluable to me.” Alison from Laramie, WY

“My coach helped me a great deal not only with changing my eating and exercise habits, but with my emotional and spiritual needs as well. Her gentle guidance showed me how to make the changes necessary and more importantly, to WANT to continue with those changes. The Health Partnership program is the finest health and fitness program I have ever participated in. I thank God every day for friends guiding me to the Medi-Share Ministry.” Susan from Cottonwood, AZ

Specific Questions for Mandatory Health Partners

A mandatory Health Partner enjoys the same medical bill sharing privileges as other Members, but must participate in a Health Partnership Program, which is designed to reduce the risk for major disease. There are two types of mandatory Health Partners, one for those with elevated risk factors and one for those with a diagnosed disease, such as sleep apnea, or type 1 or 2 diabetes. You can review the Health Partner Program agreements here for the defined health criteria:  Health Partner  and  Health Partner Disease Reversal.

Why do I need to participate?

Members voted in 2003 to allow applicants with increased health risks to participate in a Health Partnership program rather than be ineligible for Medi-Share membership. CCM believes certain conditions can be reversed through a healthy lifestyle. By reversing and/or preventing certain diseases, people are able to live healthier and fuller lives.

What are the goals that need to be achieved?

Please review the Health Partnership Agreement or Health Partnership Disease Reversal Agreement for the health criteria/outcome goals to be reached before graduating from the program.

How do I graduate and have the fee removed?

1.       Submit self-reported weight / waist / blood pressure verification and labwork for cholesterol and HbA1c demonstrating that you have achieved the Health Partnership goals using this form.  

2.      Verify 12 months post-graduation for a period of three years. If any of the re-verification metrics are not in line, you will be re-enrolled in the Health Partnership Program and the $99 per month fee will be added to your monthly share notice. Upon the subsequent graduation, the three year verification process will restart. 

What happens if there is more than one Health Partner in the same household?

The Health Partnership program has one $99 fee for the entire household.  The fee is removed when all Health Partners graduate from the program.

Do I have to get labs and/or go to my Doctor?

Health Partners are required to verify and submit laboratory results in order to graduate, as well as annually on the anniversary of your graduation. If you do not already have an inexpensive means of obtaining a venous blood draw, please consider using a direct access Laboratory.

The Cholesterol Panel and HbA1c/A1c/Glycohemoglobin cost should be less than $60. Your lab work is a cost that you will be responsible for as members do not share in well-patient laboratory work, including when you pre-pay for lab discounts. These discounted services are not part of our PPO network and the savings are usually only available when you pay up front and a doctor is not involved.

The verification form for height, weight, waist size, and Blood Pressure can be witnessed by a family member who knows or understands how to properly measure. You can also use a medical professional such as a: Fire Fighter, EMT, Chiropractor, RN, NP, CPT, etc. Complete instructions are included on the form.

How do I verify annually?

Health Partners are required to verify measurements in order to graduate and to verify 12 months post-graduation for a period of three years. If any of the re-verification metrics are not in line, you will be re-enrolled in the Health Partnership Program and the monthly fee will be added to your monthly share notice. Upon the subsequent graduation, the three year verification process will restart. 

You can complete the verification process in two steps.

1. Gather the following measurements and labs.
• Height
• Weight/Waist
• Blood Pressure
• HbA1c
• Total Cholesterol
• LDL Cholesterol
• HDL Cholesterol
• Triglycerides

2. Submit the Verification form and lab report to or fax to (321) 308-7775. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing. Once this paperwork is processed you will receive an email confirmation of the outcome of those results.

What if I don't achieve the goals?

The online resources and coaching support we offer have an excellent track record for successfully helping members graduate.  The $99 fee remains in place until the Health Partner(s) is able to reach the goals outlined in the agreement, regardless of how long it takes. This fee enables members to continue to access the support materials long term to help them reach their goals. (please see question above: What kind of support is included online? What will happen when I work with a coach?)