Medi-Share Complete For Providers

Medi-Share Complete For Providers


Bill Submission Process:

Electronic Options: EDI # 59355

  • Eligibility (270/271)
  • Bill Status (276)
  • Bill Submission (837)

For technical assistance with EDI transactions, please contact Change Healthcare at (800) 845-6592.

Mail Paper HCFAs or UBs to:
PO Box 981652
El Paso, TX 79998-1652


Pre-notification is required for the following :

  • Inpatient hospitalizations
  • Non-emergency surgeries
  • Elective cardiac procedures
  • Cancer diagnosis or treatment (including medication)
  • Organ/tissue transplant services
  • Specialty medications (including infusions/injections given at home or in a doctor’s office) require pre-notification to Navitus at (833) 837-4306

Although pre-notification is not required for all procedures, it is requested. Pre-notification does not guarantee eligibility or sharing.