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Transforming our society isn’t just about meeting immediate needs, but also about investing in the future. We are excited to partner with Student Leadership to train leaders for the next generation and equip them with the skills and opportunities to impact the world for the Kingdom of Heaven.”  

-Stephen Myers, Director of Ministry Outreach



For over 25 years, Student Leadership has invested in the lives of over 255,000 students from around the nation. Student Leadership’s mission is to develop and equip student leaders to Think, Dream, and Lead. This is done through instilling future tense thinking, character-driven decision making, ownership of biblical values, and a commitment to influence through service.

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Our future students will see the world in a way most never will, as we combine unforgettable experiences with top-notch executive leadership training designed to change and shape the rest of their lives. As a Student Leadership donor, you have the opportunity to join our future students on their leadership journey and become one who directly contributes to making their possibilities turn into real-life adventures.



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Are you passionate about developing the next generation of leaders? Join us by serving behind the scenes at one of our Student Leadership events as we equip students and leaders across the globe. Volunteers are essential to each event’s success in impacting every student’s life.




Want to help bring these Student Leadership events into your community? Help us connect with your church and other like-minded organizations in your city to minister to people in need wherever you live.



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