Medi-Share Summary of Sharing

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Quality, affordable, comprehensive health care.

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No annual caps, no lifetime caps.

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24/7 Telehealth access.

  Medi-Share Complete
Annual Household Portion (AHP) Options  
*Co-Share Option
One AHP Per Family
(No Individual/Per Incident AHP)
*Co-Share Option
*DPC Option
Services That Do No Require AHP To Be Met First  
24/7 TeleHealth with Board Certified Doctors Checkmark
No Cost TeleBehavioral Health Checkmark
Additional Discounts (Dental, Vision and More) Checkmark
Provider Network  
Preferred Network 900K+ PHCS Providers
In Network Bill Discounts (PHCS) Checkmark
Out of Network Sharing limited to Usual and Customary Charges. For non-PPO hospital or other facility, the Member has an additional responsibility of 20% of total charges. 
Sharing Details  
No Lifetime Or Annual Sharing Limits Checkmark
Eligible Medical Bills 100% of Eligible Medical Bills Shared once AHP is met.
*Does not apply to Co-Share options
First Month Sharing Eligibility Up to $50,000 of Eligible Medical Bills shared during first month of membership. 
Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Up to $100,000 per Member per year (based on effective date) after 36 consecutive months of faithful sharing. 
  • Up to $500,000 per Member per year (based on effective date) after 60 consecutive months of faithful sharing. 
Maternity Care* Married pregnant Members with an AHP of $3,000 or higher who have maintained membership and are in good standing from the month of conception to month of delivery are eligible for maternity sharing. Sharing is limited to $125,000 for any single pregnancy event.
Routine Child Care Visits Sharing for routine well-child care is eligible until the child reaches the age of six. 
Prescriptions Eligible for sharing for six months per new condition that is not pre-existing. *Exceptions Apply
Adoption Up to $4,100
Burial Expenses Up to $5,000
Out-of-Pocket Costs *Once AHP is Met  
Preventative Care
(Annual Visits/physicals with limited labs)
$35 Provider Fee
Hospitalizations $35 Fee
Surgery N/A
Other Medical Conditions N/A
Urgent Care $35 Fee
Emergency Room $200 Fee
Membership Includes  
Maternity Care* Checkmark
Hospitalizations Checkmark
Emergency Care Checkmark
Surgery + Other Medical Treatments Checkmark
Unlimited TeleHealth with $0 fee Checkmark
Referral Rewards Checkmark
Additional Prescription Discounts Checkmark
Preventative Care Checkmark
Unlimited TeleBehavioral Health with $0 fee Checkmark
Dental and Vision Discounts Checkmark
Direct Primary Care Option Checkmark
Adoption Sharing Checkmark
Direct Bill Management Checkmark
CoShare Options Checkmark
PHCS Search Tool Checkmark
Preferred Pricing Search Tool N/A
Medi-Share Guidelines

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