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Medi-Share Complete FAQs

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What if I have a medical need?

For general provider office visits, log in to your Member Center and click on Find Provider on the right-hand side of the screen. The link to finding a provider takes you away from the Medi-Share website and connects you to the PHCS website. Medi-Share is not responsible for the accuracy of the information you will find. Before you receive care, you should contact your chosen provider to verify new patient status, location, network participation, and services currently being offered.

Emergency/urgent care visits do not require pre-notification; however, notification of emergency/urgent care is highly recommended within 72 hours of service.

How do I find a provider?

  1. Either click here to find a provider or log into your Member Center and click Find Provider on the right-hand side to find in-network providers in your area. The link takes you away from the Medi-Share website and connects you to the Multi-plan PHCS website.
  2. Multi-plan PHCS contracts directly with Providers. Before scheduling your appointment or receiving services, check with the provider to confirm participation in the Multi-plan PHCS network. During your scheduled appointment, present your Medi-Share ID card with the PHCS logo

    For a short video tutorial on how to find a provider, click here.

What do I do if my provider hasn't heard of Medi-Share?

When talking to a provider, mention that Medi-Share partners with Multi-plan PHCS (Private Healthcare Systems) as a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) network. You should confirm with the provider's billing office that they are still in network with Multi-plan PHCS.

What do I do when I go for my scheduled appointment?

Present your green Medi-Share Complete ID card and pay your provider fee as listed on your card. If you do not have a copy of your Medi-Share Complete card, you can access it through the Medi-Share mobile app or by logging in to your Member Center at

What should I pay the provider at the time of visit?

You should pay the provider fee listed on the front, upper right hand corner of your Member ID card when you receive medical services. If you have not met your AHP, the provider may bill you for an additional amount after the bill is processed.

What if my provider demands payment?

  1. Have them call the Provider number noted on your Member ID card. It is in your best interest NOT to pay. If they insist, you may consider going to another provider in the PHCS network.
  2. If not, pay the minimal required amount. Then point them to the area of the card that states they are to submit their bills directly to Medi-Share and notify Member Services of any payments made to the Provider.

How much will my medical appointment be?

  1. Medi-Share does not control or store prices for medical needs. Questions regarding the cost of a medical procedure should be directed to the provider's billing supervisor or financial services department.
  2. Providers will bill for their services and then it will be reduced to the contracted rate by PHCS if they are in-network. In-network providers are not obligated to honor their PHCS discounts if the service is ineligible for sharing; however, we would ask that they honor the discount for the Member.
  3. Providers who are out-of-network have no contract and will bill for their total charges. In some instances, Medi-Share will request they honor a discounted price; however, they have no obligation to do so.

How do I meet my Annual Household Portion (AHP)?

Every time you visit a medical provider, you will present your Member ID card and your provider should submit your medical bills to Medi-Share. They will be processed and discounted, and then your provider will bill you for the portion you owe. Once the amount you pay meets your chosen Annual Household Portion level, eligible medical bills will be eligible for sharing.

How does CCM know I met my Annual Household Portion (AHP)?

Your providers will submit all medical bills to Medi-Share who will process the bills and apply any discounts. Eligible amounts are applied to your Annual Household Portion. If you have met your AHP, the bills will be submitted for sharing.

Do I still pay my provider fee if I met my AHP?

You should still pay your provider fee, even if you have met your AHP, as the fee is not applied to your AHP.

For a short video tutorial on how medical bills are applied to your Annual Household Portion, click here

How does the provider submit the bill?

The bill should be submitted electronically through EDI #59355 or can be mailed to Medi-Share, PO Box 981652 El Paso, TX 79998.

What do I do if I am ill or injured while traveling or living outside of the U.S.?

If traveling or living outside of the U.S., you are responsible to pay the bill, obtain an itemized bill (in English), provide proof of payment and submit to Medi-Share. For eligible medical needs, currency exchange will be calculated on the date bill was paid.

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