Medi-Share FAQs

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Medi-Share Complete FAQs

You Have Questions,
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Monthly Share

Do I have a monthly premium?

You do not have a monthly premium. Instead, you contribute a monthly “share” based on age and how many in the household. You deposit your monthly share into your sharing account, and it goes directly into a fellow member’s sharing account to pay their medical bills.

When is my Monthly Share due?

Monthly share payments are due by the 1st of each month. If received after the 1st, $5 or 5% of the outstanding balance (whichever is greater) will be charged as a late fee.

What are my options for making my Monthly Share Payment?

You can make your Monthly Share Payment by logging into your Member Center, or use the mailing address on your share notice if you are mailing in your payment. To ensure your payment is always on time and to avoid any fees, members are encouraged to sign up for AutoPay through the Member Center.

For more information on how to pay your Monthly Share click here.

Will my share amount change?

Your share amount is subject to change at any time. A share adjustment may be necessary if the amount of medical bills submitted for sharing exceeds the amount of monthly shares coming in.

Why do I need an individual account for sharing?

Your sharing account is used solely for the purpose of sharing medical bills. The monthly shares are deposited in your individual sharing account to bring financial integrity and security to the sharing process. Without it, you cannot participate in Medi-Share. 

How will the account be closed if I choose to withdraw from the Medi-Share Complete program and what if I have eligible medical bills to be shared after I withdraw?

If you withdraw from Medi-Share Complete, your account will not be closed until your eligible bills have all been shared, and your account balance is zero.

Is my Monthly Share Payment tax deductible?

Your monthly voluntary share contributions for Medi-Share Complete is not tax deductible. Donations over and above the monthly share amount to Christian Care Ministry Inc. for its general purposes or to a specific program, such as, Extra Blessings, are tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

Can my Monthly Share Payments be considered a deduction for "Medical Expenses?"

Medi-Share Complete is not health insurance, therefore share amounts for the program is neither considered an "insurance premium" nor a "medical expense" and cannot be deducted as such.

Can my Health Partnership fee be considered a deduction for "Medical Expenses?"

You may be able to deduct the cost of participation in Health Partnership on your income taxes if your overall medical expenses exceed 10% of adjusted gross income AND if your participation in a Health Partnership program was for treatment of a specific disease or diseases diagnosed by a physician. Please consult your tax professional to discuss whether your participation in a Health Partnership program is properly deducted as a medical expense.

If I contribute to Extra Blessings, is that tax deductible?

Yes, but only if you mail contributions to Christian Care Ministry for distribution or by going through, not if you mail directly to a recipient.

Can my sharing account be used for purposes other than Medi-Share transactions?

No. This account is designated for your Medi-Share deposits and CCM transactions only.

Is there a penalty for members who withdraw money from their sharing account?

No; however, any amount transferred into your account is used to pay your eligible medical bills within days by making payments from that account to your providers. If the funds are not available to do so when they had been deposited for that purpose, you will need to pay your providers directly. Fees could be charged by the financial institution if you remove funds from the account that are earmarked for a provider and then that provider check is returned for insufficient funds.

Am I responsible for any bank charges if CCM overdrafts my account?

If you incur bank charges in your sharing account, such as an overdraft fee, as a direct result of a transaction initiated by CCM, CCM will reimburse you by depositing the amount of the bank charge into the account. However, if there are not enough funds in your personal banking account when the electronic funds transfer (EFT) for your monthly share goes through, you will be responsible for those overdraft fees.

Please note: Share amounts are subject to change based on age, the number of members in the Household, or other factors. Be sure to log into your Member Center to check your current Monthly Share Amount to ensure your Autopay has been set up for the proper dollar amount.

Is there assistance if I am struggling financially?

Christian Care Ministry is a not-for-profit ministry and the Medi-Share Complete program is based on participants agreeing to faithfully deposit their Monthly Share Payment to take care of their share of the eligible medical expenses of other participants. However, if an eligible illness or injury has caused you to lose your income, assistance may be available by contacting Member Services.

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