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Medical Bills

When do I know if the bill was received by Medi-Share?

  • First, login to your Member Center at, then look for the "Medical Bill" option in the top menu. Under Medical Bill History, you will see a list of bills that were received by Medi-Share.
  • You can check under "bills processed" to see if the bill was already received and processed. If your bill is not seen in process or processed, your bill has not been received by Medi-Share.
  • Another way to review your bills is through the programs section at the top of the screen, then program summary. On this page, you will see "View Bills" for each program year. On this page, you are able to select "download bills" to export the bills into an excel spreadsheet.

How long does it take to process a bill?

As long as a bill is submitted on a HCFA or UB04 form, an EOS (Explanation of Sharing) should appear on your Member Center within 30-45 business days. If it has been more than 45 days and the bill is still listed under "in process," you may call the Contact Center at 1-800-264-2562.

For a short video tutorial regarding the medical billing process, click here.

Will I get a copy of my EOS (Explanation of Sharing)?

Your EOS (Explanation of Sharing) can be found in your Member Center using the "Medical Bill Status" menu option. Your EOS will be ready to view and can be downloaded as a PDF or printed. EOS's are not able to be mailed.

How do I understand my EOS?

Your total is listed next to the "Member Responsibility Total" on your EOS (Explanation of Sharing). This amount should match the provider's invoice. The EOS will have notes in the "service line explanations" if the bill was not eligible. You might also see additional notes at the bottom of the EOS.

For a short video tutorial on how to understand your EOS, click here

I'm still confused about my bill. How can I contact Medi-Share?

For more information about your bill, you may call the Contact Center at 800-264-2562 and press option 1 for Member and option 1 for medical bill questions.

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