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Medi-Share 65+ FAQs

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Medi-Share 65+ Providers

Does a Medi-Share 65+ Member need to use an in network provider? How do I choose providers?

No, there is no network requirement to participate in Medi-Share 65+.

Is there a $35 or $200 Provider Fee with Medi-Share 65+?

No, since Medicare is the primary payer there is no $35 or $200 Provider fee with Medi-Share 65+

Do Medi-Share 65+ Members need to pre-notify for upcoming procedures?

No, since Medicare is the primary, no pre-notification is necessary to process medical bills through Medi-Share 65+.

What happens if I go out of the country?

You will need to submit the Medi-Share reimbursement form and the bill from the Provider that has been translated into English.  Care is limited to medically necessary urgent care; therefore, 80% of the billed charges that Medicare would have paid if the services were provided in the U.S. (up to a $150,000 lifetime maximum) will be eligible for sharing. If the need is eligible with Medicare and is not a lifestyle issue, Medi-Share 65+ will consider +sharing at 80%.

Scroll down to the Reimbursement section and select Download PDF for the Out of country Form



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