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Medi-Share 65+ FAQs

You Have Questions,
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Medi-Share 65+ Program

How does Medi-Share 65+ work?

Medi-Share 65+ works much the same as Medi-Share except Medicare is now the primary.  Medicare first processes eligible medical bills, and the remaining amounts that Medicare does not pay are processed for eligibility by Medi-Share 65+.  Once eligible medical bills exceed the AHP in that year, the amounts outstanding are shared.  At the time of the medical service, members must present both their Medicare and Medi-Share 65+ card.  When billing, the Provider sends the claim to Medicare for processing and then to Medi-Share 65+.  For a short video tutorial on how Medi-Share 65+ works, please click here.

Is Medi-Share 65+ insurance?

No, Medi-Share 65+ is not insurance or an insurance policy and is not offered through an insurance company. Medi-Share 65+ is a voluntary bill sharing ministry facilitated by Christian Care Ministry where Members share each other’s medical bills.

Must I enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B?

Yes, you must enroll in both parts A and B for bills to process as Medi-Share 65+ is secondary to Medicare.  In general, Medicare Part A, which covers hospitalization cost, is premium- free.  Medicare Part B, which covers medical diagnostic and treatment cost, has a monthly premium, and must be maintained to be able to process all medical bills.

When is someone eligible for Medi-Share 65+?

You are eligible on the first day of the same month you turn 65 if you already have Medicare Parts A and B. If your birthday falls on the first day of the month, you are eligible for Medi-Share 65+ on the first day of the prior month if you already have Medicare Parts A and B.  For a short video on eligibility for Medi-Share 65+, please click here.

If I am already a Senior Assist member, can I switch to Medi-Share 65+?

Yes, you can complete a switch by completing this form and returning it using the instructions provided at the bottom of the form.

If someone has Medicare Parts A & B because they are disabled, but not yet 65, are they eligible for Medi-Share 65+?

No, you are only eligible for Medi-Share 65+ once you turn 65 and have Medicare Parts A and B.

I am enrolled in the Medicare Railroad Retirement Board. Am I eligible for Medi-Share 65+?

No, you are not eligible for Medi-Share 65+ if you are enrolled in Medicare Railroad Retirement Board.

Can I be withdrawn from Medi-Share 65+ for medical reasons?

No, there is no medical reason that would cause you to be withdrawn from Medi-Share 65+.

What if I decide to drop my Medicare Part A or Part B?

You must maintain your enrollment in Parts A and B in order for your Medicare benefit to be effective. Medi-Share 65+ cannot process medical bill submissions without a current enrollment in both Medicare Parts A and B.

What if someone joined Medi-Share 65+, but it is later discovered they do not have Medicare Parts A and/or B?

If a member has dropped Medicare Part B, they must be informed immediately that we cannot process their medical bills since we will not have a Medicare EOB for any of their medical costs. Their Part B medical bills will be ineligible for sharing. Their membership is at risk because we are unable to return them to Medi-Share Complete. There are also costly penalties to unenroll from Medicare Part B, which is why we always advise they keep their Medicare B active regardless of the monthly cost to maintain it. Their options are to stay on 65+ with Part B costs ineligible for sharing and apply for Medicare Part B reactivation or go without a secondary provision until both Parts A & B are reactivated. The member can decide to leave membership, but they will have the same problem with obtaining a replacement provision as Medigap plans and Advantage plans both require enrollment in A & B to acquire a policy. 

What is the annual responsibility?

Medi-Share 65+ has an Annual Household Portion (AHP) or ‘responsibility’ of $500 per member.  The AHP is the amount you must pay toward eligible medical bills during a 12-month period that begins on your current membership effective date before eligible bills can be shared.  Along with the 20% co-insurance that Medicare Part B doesn’t pay, any copayments or deductibles due after Medicare’s processing will be applied toward the $500 AHP.  Once the AHP is met, Medi-Share 65+ will share 100% of the balance on eligible medical bills. Please review Guideline Section IV A for more information.

Are Medi-Share 65+ Members able to use MD Live/Careington?

Yes, all Members who join Medi-Share Complete or Medi-Share 65+ are entitled to receive the discounts offered through Careington for dental, vision, Lasik, and hearing. They are also able to access telehealth through MD Live at no additional cost. Additionally, Medi-Share 65+ members have access to tele-behavioral health counseling services by phone at no cost and have access to prescription discounts through Navitus Pharmacy Solutions (note: this is not an alternative to having Medicare Part D overage). Each Medi-Share 65+ Member receives his or her own Careington/Select Savings and 65+ membership card upon becoming a Member.

Is Medi-Share 65+ considered to be creditable coverage or has Medi-Share 65+ been rated according to Medicare?

No, Medi-Share 65+ is not considered creditable coverage, because it is not insurance and is not rated by Medicare.

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