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The Schlitz Family's Story


Paul: I heard about Medi-Share on WayFM and started talking about it with my wife and we started praying about it and that's really where it began. What I especially like about Medi-Share is the pro-life message. One of the main things we pray for his life and we pray that everyone embraces life the way God designed it from conception unto a natural death.


At the time I had what many would call the Cadillac of insurance plans with my company, it covered everything. And that's really what got us started thinking, "Well, what is everything?" So what are we paying for every month? Are we paying for that? Are we indirectly paying for people to use services that we don't believe in or want to be a part of? And Medi-Share was the perfect answer for that.


Francis: I felt such relief switching over to Medi-Share. I felt a clear conscience. I wasn't paying for anything that I didn't believe in. I wasn't supporting anything I didn't believe in. I was actually able to stand up for what I believe in and I was able to put my money where my faith is.


Paul: And it's also a great example to our kids. They know that this is what we do. We're not a part of insurance. We're not paying for things that we don't believe in. So, as a family, we all stand for life together along with the Medi-Share community.


Francis: What I like about Medi-Share is they care about the person and the patient and not the diagnosis.


Paul: About seven months after we joined Medi-Share my oldest son Harry got sick and needed an emergency appendectomy and it was definitely scary. And there was a moment where they were really worried. They were going to have to fully open him up to go in because his appendix had exploded. And we did a special prayer. Right after that, they come out and they say, "Wow, something happened, everything changed and everything came into place and we didn't have to open him up. So we're finished and he's going to be perfect."


Francis: When I would call to see if I needed to submit more information, or if they needed anything else, they immediately asked me how my son was doing in this situation and how our family was holding up and how if we needed any prayers was very different from what I'm used to having to deal with.


Paul: The icing on the cake about Medi-Share is that it's super affordable. We're part of this great program and we're working with our Christian families to live a good lifestyle, and it really costs us less than insurance.



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