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Pastor Ariel's Story:


Pastor Ariel: I'm a pastor from Puerto Rico. I have been here in Texas for 12 years with my family. We are a pastor in Burleson, Texas, and we love this state. My wife and I, we love this state because it's very conservative. We can raise our kids in our Christian values, and that's very significant for us. We really enjoy the outreach opportunity that we have here in this state. A year and a half ago, we decided to start with Medi-Share. Before that, we have other insurance and the price were elevating.


Yaditza: We chose Medi-Share because it met our budget. And we pay a third, only a third of what we used to pay before. And we get wonderful rewards and benefits. As a Christian, and as a human being, the most powerful and sacred property that you have is your conscience. And it's wonderful to know that you can trust Medi-Share.


Pastor Ariel: Medi-Share is biblical. I like Medi-Share because I can compare it with Acts, the book of Acts, where the Christian were sharing their needs.


Yaditza: It feels wonderful when you know that you're putting your money in something, that you're helping others. Medi-Share is widely accepted. There's thousands of providers, and I never been turned down.


Pastor Ariel: Something that I really love about Medi-Share is that the whole staff is Christian. And every time that you call them, they end the call with, "Hey, can I pray for you?" And that really impacts me.


Yaditza: The best part of Medi-Share is that they're caring. They're caring when you call them customer service. They always offer to pray for you. A few months ago, I had a surgery. And a few weeks after I had my surgery, I received a note saying how they were praying for me. And that's what I love.


Pastor Ariel: Medi-Share have been a very big blessing for our family. Thank God for Medi-Share.



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