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The Molyneaux Family's Story


Tim: We own our own business and we were unable to get coverage that we needed for insurance, for our medical bills. And so we turned to Medi-Share from suggestions from other people here locally.


Dayna: We were married for almost a year and I had a preexisting condition that I wasn't aware of. It's uterine fibroids. And so it made me extremely, just sickly. So I was exhausted. I became anemic and I was just terribly ill.


Tim: With her illness, she was incredibly weak. The loss of blood was messing with her iron levels. She couldn't maintain health. She was vomiting. There was just all kinds of issues that needed to be taken care of and the only way to deal with the fibroids was to have the surgery and do that.


Dayna: Uterine fibroids are extremely painful. It is debilitating. You can't function like a normal person would.


Tim:I was frustrated because we couldn't get it taken care of immediately as we needed. We were trying to wait it out.


Dayna: And I went ahead and had the surgery done and we wind up taking out a medical loan. We just took a leap of faith and hoped that we would receive the Extra Blessings.


Tim: To be honest, I was a little skeptical through the process as to whether or not we would actually get that paid back, and we did, and it was amazing.


Dayna: We were ecstatic. We were just crying and of course, calling my family and we were just so excited just that it worked.


Tim: We were elated and shocked and very grateful at what everybody through Medi-Share had done in contributing to our cause. And it was a wonderful feeling.


Dayna: Our medical bills were almost $10,000. We got that entire amount back.


Tim: It has been wonderful to see other people that are Christians that are so caring and considerate.


Dayna: We are extremely grateful that God did provide, and that Medi-Share pulled through for our Extra Blessings.


Tim: It's a great feeling to be part of a Christian care community that is willing to contribute and help out other people.



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