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Jordan Hess' Story


Jordan: I'm a father of six kids and been married to my wife for 20 years. Lived throughout the United States and lived up in Alaska for about 15 years. Built a wilderness lodge up there. And I love what I do, get to show people the beauty of God's creation. The places that we go into Alaska are not where normal people would go without a guide. Basically, I keep people safe all summer long while I show them big furry bears and whales that are bigger than our boat. The whole family works at the lodge. My boys grew up there basically, so this huge state park is their backyard.


Jennie: We just have a great time and we really like to be outdoors as a family. We like to go kayaking. We like to fish together. We go hiking.


Jordan: We've always believed in having a tight knit family, kind of with God at the center. It's a daily thing with God. It's not a church thing or a Sunday thing. Meaning: God is there in the morning when you wake up, he's there all day and he's there when you're going to bed at night. So we just believe in thanking him for every moment of every day.


Jennie: In June of 2014, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It brought a real somber environment to our family.


Jordan: Getting a stage 4 cancer diagnosis really changes your life.


Jennie: When my husband first told me that he had stage 4 cancer, we just cried.


Jordan: When I first got the diagnosis, I got alone with God and I used that time to say, "God, how do I do this? You will lead me, you will direct me and you will guide me." The family just rallied around. We just spent our daily daily prayer, just daily worship as a family together. Daily they pray scriptures over me.


Spencer: He'll be strengthened and he will just have a new body in Jesus name. And I just pray for healing over my dad.


Jordan: It was a 10 month period and included five months of chemotherapy, followed by six weeks of radiation on a daily basis. And then followed by a 10 hour surgery. Medi-Share was beyond words and such a blessing for me and my family through this journey.


Spencer: Medi-Share helped amazingly. I mean, they were awesome because we always knew they were there for us.


Jordan: Every single person they have that I've ever encountered with their group has been soothing and caring and just compassionate.


Jennie: Our medical bills exceeded $160,000, and the Medi-Share members shared all our bills.


Jordan: Medi-Share is more than just helping taking care of medical bills. Medi-Share is a family. It's a group of people that stick with you through the hardest times of your life. And I just don't know how I could have done it without Medi-Share.



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