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Jon Humphreys' Story


Jon: A few days before my 19th birthday, I had a real bad car accident on the local Three Mile Bridge here in Pensacola. I was hit by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the Pensacola Bay Bridge, a hundred mile an hour impact. I really don't remember anything. I just remember seeing headlights. And then that was it.


Rich: We started to go across the bridge. Traffic was backed up. We couldn't get through. So I got out of the car and like Moses parting the red sea I started telling everybody that was my son on the bridge. And ...


Pam: When we first passed John's car, I could not imagine how anyone could survive in that accident. They had used the jaws of life to pry him out of the car.


Rich: When we became aware of how serious it was, we began to really intercede and ask the Lord to protect him and to heal him.


Pam: It's a mother's worst nightmare to have an accident like this happen to one of their children. You can't ever be prepared for that.


Rich: You tend to find Jesus about that time.


Pam: We were able to pray with the doctor in the emergency room. And I said, "John, just hang on, in a minute you'll be out of pain." We felt the Lord was so close to us during that time. And the Lord just gave us little glimmers of him being there through all of that.


Jon: 18 days in the hospital, two and a half years of therapy that I had to go through. They called me the $6 million man because of all the stuff that they had to put in, and the metal and screws and plates and bolts and stuff. And so I was lucky to be alive.


Pam: John was encouraged by the gentleman who ran into him, his attorney, to go see him in jail. And so John did that and he came home completely changed.


Jon: I couldn't look him in the eyes when he was doing it, but he looked me dead and straight in the eyes. He said, "If that was you, I'm really sorry."


Pam: And a big component of his healing we felt like was him forgiving the man that ran into him on the bridge. God was healing his heart first. And then his body. This gentleman that had run into him had had a really terrible accident. His child had been run over and had brain damage. And so John petitioned the courts to get him out of jail.


Jon: You have to learn to forgive. If you don't, it's going to be on your shoulders. It's going to be a burden on you for the rest of your life. And why have that there? I mean, God calls us to forgive. Thank God I'm here today. And every day is a blessing. I'm married, two kids, five-year-old boy, a seven-year-old daughter, and just living the dream in paradise.


Pam: We've been with Medi-Share for 19 years and they have certainly been there for us for every health issue for our family and-


Rich: But we've never had any problems with doctors or hospitals honoring our membership in Medi-Share. And the members have always come through with the sharing and paying the bills.


Jon: I just know stuff was taken care of. And I was able to focus on getting healed.


Rich: The most appealing part of being a part of Medi-Share is Christians coming together and sharing needs.


Pam: I feel like it's a part of the Christian mandate to bear one another's burdens. And that's how I look at Christian Care/Medi-Share.


Rich: Dealing with people who have your best interest at heart. It's not a business, it's a ministry. And so you feel that from the people you work with in the office and the way the needs are met.



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