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Jason & Bethany's Story


Bethany: It's been a beautiful thing. Our life together really has been amazing. We've built a beautiful family together.


Jason: Family's very important to my wife and myself.


Bethany: I just believe family should be always the top of the list. God first, and then your family should be a very close second. At a time in our life when we really needed hope, Medi-Share instilled in us another level of faith.


Jason: It was a huge blessing to us, especially in a time where I was having some issues with my kidney. I paid late on some bills because of that and Medi-Share, they helped us.


Bethany: When we found out it was pre-existing, I was overwhelmed with, "What next?"


Jason: Sometimes when you go through medical things you feel like you're alone. It's just you and your family against the world. We didn't feel that way with Medi-Share. We felt like we had a support system from Medi-Share.


Bethany: On this phone call the representative said, "Bethany, before we go any further I want to pray with you." And so we prayed. And even during the prayer I'm like, "What are we going to do? What are we going to do? Oh God, these bills are there and it's this going to be our responsibility." When she finished praying she said, "Now I want to tell you about a program we have called Extra Blessings."


Again, I think it just gave me a new understanding of this family that we are now a part of and that they really do care. It basically paid over $13,000 of Jason's bills. And that's from those that are a part of Medi-Share, just like Jason and I are, that chip in whatever it may be, and not only that, we also received so many cards and letters.


Jason: Sean called and said, "I don't know what kind of pen pals thing you're in," he said, "but you've got a lot of cards here and it looks like there's some money in them." And I was like, "That's Medi-Share."


Bethany: It was cards and letters of hope and, "We're praying for you" from all over the United States. The financial blessing was huge, but the cards and letters, the words of encouragement, I just sincerely appreciate that at a time in our life when we were low, it just meant so very much to us.


Jason: And we in turn, tried to reciprocate and offer the Extra Blessings to people too. We donate some extra money each month to them and hoping we can be a blessing to others because they've been such a blessing to us.



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