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The Fernandez Family's Story


Jose: We came from Cuba in 1968, it was called the Freedom Flights. The United States allowed us to come legally. Definitely got us in the forefront of our business. That's the number one thing. That's our driving force. We stay true to that course.


Estrella: I feel like our business is our calling. Any which way to help the Lord get more souls to heaven, and I feel like that's in my heart.


Jose: 2014, we thought about going without insurance because our insurance went up 300%, and someone told us about Medi-Share.


Estrella: And I called them. I was just ... In my heart I knew that is where home was.


Jose: I was really faithful to the once a year testing. I used to go to my neurologist. He discovered some nodules, but I had 12 biopsies, and out at 12, seven were cancerous.


Estrella: So I said, "Oh Lord, please. I know you're going to take care of him, and I know he's in your hands. Give us the peace and understanding that you know how to give." The day before Medi-Share had called and there again, the girl, her prayer was to give us peace on only his understanding, to whatever the news was going to be.


Jose: I came into this office and I'll never forget the spot back in the little room, because I want to make sure I hear. I wanted to soak that prayer.


Estrella: Unless you're in Medi-Share, you really can't grasp it, until you are in Medi-Share. Who does that? Who literally takes the time to call you and say a prayer, give you the peace, that attention, that caring? There's no words to describe. There's no money in the world that could pay for that.


Jose: In the first PSA is the most important because that's where you know, whether everything was fully taken or not. And when I got on the phone, the nurse says, "Your PSA is .000," it was complete celebration.


Estrella: Yeah, I didn't have words to describe. I just went crazy, and I thanked him, and my niece went, "What's going on?" I said, "I'm talking to him, wait. I'll talk to you in a second," because I had to give him the praise.


Jose: Life doesn't stop this. We do and we go and we play. The recovery is not a walk in the park, but it all depends how you take it.


Medi-Share Care Team Employee: It really is a blessing.


Estrella: It really is.


Medi-Share Care Team Employee: When we get to talk to our members. So when we get to pray with you, it blesses us just as much as it blesses you. It really does.


Jose: It's a great feeling. It really was.


Estrella: It is.


Jose: I don't forget those times. It meant a lot. It meant a lot for someone that I did not know, to sit there and care enough to pray with me, and pray for us. Thank you.


Estrella: Thank you.


Medi-Share Care Team Employee: That's what we're here for.


Estrella: Thank you.


Jose: Thank you.


Medi-Share Care Team Employee: Yeah. You're welcome.



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