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The Drake Family's Story


Kimberly: My husband was getting ready to start his own company, and so we were going to be leaving his group insurance. We were surprised by what we found. We had no idea that Christians would come together to help share other people's medical bills. It wasn't complicated at all. We filled out the application, everything went really smooth and then we started using Medi-Share for our family.


We started Medi-Share on August 1st and I ended up getting pregnant August 3rd apparently my doctor said, so we used it right. Then we've used it a lot since then just with our regular family needs. My son was born with a heart defect. It's alarming to find out that here you have a newborn baby, he's not in your room, he's getting an echo done, and so you don't really know what that means because all of my other children have had fine hearts.


John: We went to the cardiologist and he told us that he had the bivalve aortic stenosis, and that at some point Pax is going to have to have open heart surgery to change the valve.


Kimberly: When you have something wrong with your child that you can't fix, you feel very small and very weak. You just feel so incapable as a parent when your child has a problem and you can't solve it for them.


John: With Pax, when he was born with his heart defect, Medi-Share called us and said, "How are you all doing? We know there seems to be some complications. How can we take care of you? How can we be praying for you?"


Kimberly: She basically said, "Okay, well we're here for you. I can help you do research, whatever you need." The people who help us pay our bills actually send me notes of encouragement and they pray for Pax, and never once has somebody said, "I wish you didn't have to pay this medical bill." Everyone does come together and really help us to pay our bills, so that we're not struggling through that as we're trying to take care of our child.


John: Just knowing that somebody is an advocate out there for you and on your side is very reassuring.


Kimberly: Such a blessing to know that the members will be there to support us, to pray for us, to help us meet these bills. It's so nice to know that we can just love Pax and not really worry about the care that he receives and the financial impact that it has on our family.


John: We used to pay $940 with a $10,000 deductible, and with Medi-Share, we pay $420 with $1,250 household sharing. It's a massive difference, and it really took a lot of stress off.


Kimberly: We trust that the Lord has his days numbered and that we are going to make the most of the days we have with him, and we just cherish every single second we have with Pax.



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