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Bob & Sandra's Story


Sandra: One morning I got up, took a swallow of orange juice, and instantly my stomach just started hurting. It just got progressively worse till I couldn't stand it anymore and I said, "Okay, I'm ready to go to the hospital."


Bobby: She was screaming so loud in the emergency room, she was making a lot of people ... They were leaving the room because she was so loud. I've never seen her in such pain that day.


Sandra: Never been in such pain before.


Bobby: Never. Took them about 45 minutes to get her in and actually see her. And from there, they just ran the tests and it took them until about midnight to actually get her into the ICU. And they told us then they thought it was pancreatitis. In the meantime, while she was in ICU, her health degraded to a point their kidneys started failing. But they were working on her, pumping on her chest, you know, giving her CPR, running tubes in her legs in her vein, running a tube down her mouth to suck stuff out of her lungs.


Slowly, her lungs started to fail, so they transported her to Tampa General. Sometime in that route, she had a stroke. She was in a coma. And the doctors was telling us it was the lights are on, but nobody's home. The only thing I can say is there's a song that God has the whole world in his hand. Well, he had my whole world in his hand. One morning, I was there. She woke up and I looked over at her and she made eye contact with me.


So glad to have you back, babe.


Sandra: You know, you always wonder, how would your mate react to something like this? Would they be there for you? Yeah, I knew he would, but oh, wow. It just confirmed it so much to me. I mean, I was in the hospital for 43 days.


Bobby: Intensive care, yeah.


Sandra: Intensive care, and I was not there one day without Bob, one of my children, my friends.


Bobby: Also other friends.


Sandra: Someone was always there for me.


Bobby: This was the first time we've ever needed Medi-Share. At the time, I didn't really know. Didn't know what was going to happen. This was testing the waters and they come through. They parted the Red Sea for us. They really did. Medical bills have been over a million dollars. And the members at Medi-Share have faithfully paid our bills.


Sandra: Oh, they were just so wonderful. When Bob called them and told them what was going on, you could tell they cared.


Bobby: You could tell, yeah.


Sandra: These people are not just people there picking up a paycheck.


Bobby: Or taking a number, yeah.


Sandra: They care. Yeah, they care. Medi-Share cares. These people care. They pray for you. Every time they pray for they ask, "Is there anything else we can pray for?" So many times, it just made me break down in tears because that just ... When you've got that kind of backup, you know, it's not just ... I don't know how to explain it or describe it, but it just brought me such peace that everything's going to be all right. They're going to take care of everything. You know?


Dear Bobby and Sandra, I pray this card finds you having a blessed day in the Lord. I am so glad that the past year is behind you. I look forward to talking with you in January of next year. Blessings to you both, Deanna and Deborah.


Bobby: It's very nice.



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