Information for Medi-Share Members about the "Know Your Customer" Initiative

Update as of April 10, 2024. We will provide updates on this page as more information becomes available.

What is "Know Your Customer"?

Starting in April of 2024, Christian Care Ministry began a “Know your customer” or “KYC” review of member records. This is a due diligence process that is being conducted to verify member identity and assess, and to monitor risk. Essentially, KYC ensures a member is who they say are.

Compliance with KYC regulations helps prevent all kinds of fraud schemes and helps financial institutions comply with Anti-Money Laundering laws by putting in checks and balances to ensure clients/customers are not engaging in criminal activities while using their services.

Why is this important?

Although Medi-Share is a health care sharing ministry and not a financial institution, all Medi-Share members have individual sharing accounts in a financial institution. These banks require periodic audits of member records to ensure member information is complete and accurate. Your confirmation and update of this information is required to continue your membership.

Don’t you have my information already?

Yes, information is collected from every member household when they join Medi-Share and when the individual sharing accounts are established. However, a recent audit indicated that some information was missing or inaccurate within the membership. This initiative is to update member records as needed to satisfy the bank’s regulatory burden.

How do I know this an official request and it is not putting my private information in jeopardy?

The request to update member information was sent via email using the information associated with your Medi-Share membership. However, you will also see a pop-up request for updates when you log into the Member Center. If you are feeling uneasy about submitting the requested information via email, you can also provide your update from your Member Center. Simply log in as you normally do, and a pop-up window will instruct you on next steps.

I don’t feel comfortable doing this online, can I call in and talk to a person instead?

A Member Center representative can help you correct missing information; however, if identity confirmation via ID scanning is required, you will need to take a photo with your ID and submit that electronically.

If prompted to provide a selfie document, what are the steps I need to follow?

Some members may be asked to further verify their identity. If you are prompted, here is what you will be asked to do:

1. You will be prompted when logging into the Member Center to scan a QR code or go to the Vouched website to follow the instructions for the selfie.

2. Here are some helpful videos that will better explain what will be needed/expected: 

What qualifies as a government-issued ID?

A Driver's License, State-issued Photo ID, US Passport, or Permanent Resident Card will work.

What are you doing with my information?

Once we receive the information, it is securely forwarded to the bank’s identity confirmation vendor who will ensure that your information is updated and meets the bank’s requirements.

How much time do I have to respond to this request?

Please complete these few short steps as soon as possible. You will receive notifications regarding this request until the necessary information is received.